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Emulation Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild For PC Progresses After Surge In Funds From Backers

Getting Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to run on PC isn’t far off if the latest funding figures for CEMU is anything to go by. In the last two weeks funds for CEMU, a profoundly experimental emulator for the Wii U that’s currently available on Windows PC, has sky rocketed. A fortnight ago CEMU was supported by 1857 people, who collectively donated $7782 per month (around £6300). It’s now supported by 5135 people, who donate nearly $22k a month (more than £17k).

Where previously the group could only show off the game’s opening cave, a new gameplay video shows the game running almost as well as it does on Nintendo’s own hardware.

The video can’t be embedded but you can have a look over here.

The game running on PC in its current state still suffers from some very noticeable frame-rate issues but arguably the retail version does too. With the funds rising, it won’t be surprising to see the final version crop up very soon.



    1. Nintendo already tried to take the creators of the Dolphin emulator to court and failed hard! Emulators are not illegal, so they can not do anything.

      However, downloading roms IS illegal, so maybe Nintendo could jump on those pirated copies of BOTW floating around the web. It’d be a Hell of a job to get them all though!

    1. It will no doubt get finished. These people have the funds and the hardware to do it, and Nintendo cannot stop them. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. stop being a fucking bitch man, emulators have always been here. Since it’s probably going to take a fucking amazing late-end pc to play this properly, it’s not going to affect it that much. It’s like you dont even know this game is selling like water and being loved by literally everyone, ocarina of time is absolutely dead to everyone now.

      1. I’m pointing at people who constantly hate on consoles, especially Nintendo, and call themselves master race. This is just another fuel for their stupidity.

      2. Here’s a better idea: How about you stop being such a trashy new-age “against the man” hipster wannabe, and start encouraging people to buy the systems and consoles, instead of letting this crap skate on by without protest?
        Real gamers do not support piracy, ESPECIALLY of new games!
        Sit your ass down!

    1. 5135 people are donating 22k, averaging in less than 5 bucks per person. So if all goes well for the emulation, a lot of the people who supported it will be able to play the game for much less than what they would have to pay if they bought it. q:

      1. If you buy the game physically and resell it after playing it you’re not making a loss greater than 5 to 10 bucks. So yes, humans sometimes make no sense!

      2. Ok I see, now I know ppl can sit here and argue all day about wether this hurts Nintendo or not.. Without knowing which side of the fence you are on, couldn’t we agree that if everyone has the state of mind that donating to an emulator vs paying Nintendo for a game they worked hard on and cost Them a lot of money could mean that there would be no Zeldas to emulate in the future ?

        I have a snes emulator so I’m not saying I’m not guilty of using one but every game I have I actually own on cartridge. Emulators are good for preserving games that you can no longer buy… But breath of the wild is brand new and readily available to buy still so I still don’t see why someone would try to get Zelda on the cheap rather than trying to support Nintendo so they can continue making Zelda in the future. Just my 2 cents on the issue but this is a free world for the most part and anyone is free to do as they choose I guess.

        1. I also think that this shouldn’t be happening, and that I don’t like the fact that people are funding this. I am not against emulators by any means, because, as you’ve said, they’re a great way of preserving old games that are not being produced anymore. But making/supporting an emulation of a new game, let alone one that came out less than a month ago, is kind of ridiculous to me, and I think it’s disrespectful towards all the people that worked on it, and also those who actually bought the game with their hard-earned money. If you want to play a game, pay for it like everyone else, and don’t be a dick by finding alternate and unfair ways to get your hands on it.
          But considering emulators aren’t illegal per se, Nintendo probably won’t be able to do much about it, unfortunately.
          But yea, everyone’s free to do what they want I suppose, so who am I to judge, haha.

          My previous comment was just in relation to you saying that people could just buy the game for the money they donated for the emulation project, which isn’t necessarily true. That’s all. (:

          1. Oh, that first sentence is kind of a mess, forgive me, haha.
            There’s probably some other mistakes, but it’s late over here, so I’ll just use that as an excuse. q:

  1. I’m actually for emulators because there are a lot of old games I still enjoy but would never have access to if it weren’t for emulation, like Oni Yukihime, Monster Maulers, Sengoku Denshou, Alien vs Pedator, Cadillac and Dinosaurs, Secret of Evermore ect.
    Somewhere down the line we won’t have access to the games coming out today as well, and the devs won’t give their old IPs a second thought, so I hope this emulator succeeds at some point when we no longer have access to Wii U games.

  2. The progress has been astounding. Hugely impressed with how quickly they’ve improved the framerates in only a few weeks. I’m happily gonna keep backing their patreon in the meantime.

  3. It would be amazing if they can achieve crisp 4k for botw and still make it playable on cemu. I’ll be waiting for that.

    1. No way they will ever hit 4K. They may show off a few images or short video clips at 4K, and it will fool a lot of people. But no way will they get the entire game to run at 4K.

    1. Oh I see you said Wii games. But what do you mean Nintendo can’t get Wii games to run on their new systems? That isn’t accurate at all.

      1. oh they can get them to run, but do they? also the ones they do let us have on the eshop don’t run as nicely as they would if you had a hacked wii.

      1. you can emulate a wii game on a wii and bump up the graphics using the wii itself. i don’t know why nintendo didn’t make the wiiU emulator do this when hackers can do it, even without the aid of Patreon or billions of dollars.

  4. Copied and Pasted from my comment on Facebook:

    Why are people angry over this? if you own the original game it’s perfectly legal to download a ROM of it and of course in future when those games are no longer available Emulation is often the only way a lot of people can play old classics like when they know longer have their Console for example.

    Nothing new here. I use Dolphin but I do own ALL of the Original games, I find it very handy like when I’m going to stay with my Sister for example and I don’t particularly feel like packing my Console so I’m able to play on my Gaming Laptop instead.

    1. downloading ROMs is illegal regardless of whether you have the original. Some countries allow you to create your own backup, though if the game manual, disc etc says you may not make unauthorized copies, that is a term of the licence and companies have every right to ban your copy if you’re caught breaking the licence terms

        1. It’s amazing how many people don’t get that, or believe that owning the game allows them to own roms. Roms are illegal period.

          Yes it is amazing isn’t it and you’re one of those people who doesn’t get it either.

      1. What the fuck? no it isn’t and I’m referring to OLD games that you can no longer buy in the shops or anywhere else. Have you tried looking online lately for old Gamecube games? the cost of most of them is through the roof but don’t tell me you’re quite happy to pay over $200 for Kirby’s Air Ride right? are you going to preach to me that it’s wrong to download that too?

        Look I don’t support Piracy I don’t own any Pirated games either and I never will either but what you just spouted out there to me is complete nonsense and you and eveyrbody else here including the 3 people that liked your comment know it too.

    2. We’re angry because it’s blatantly obvious that a large majority of those pirates never bought the game, and most likely neither of the systems, from the way they talk about “waiting for CEMU”.
      The sad truth is that CEMU isn’t being done for the sake of preservation, it’s being done for the sake of illegal emulation.
      They blatantly show it playing a brand new still-on-the-market game!
      This shit shouldn’t be tolerated, much less supported.
      Zelda is too new for this to be okay.

      1. Oh good grief another person assuming I’m talking about NEW GAMES when I was actually referring to OLD games.

        Way to jump to fucking conclusions >_>

        Jesus Christ you people.

  5. Nintendo’s lawyers could easily touch this, people are paying money for someone to make pirated BOTW copies playable. Yes, developing an emulator is legal, but this particular project is specifically aimed at enabling unauthorized copies of BOTW

  6. ||These imbeciles will be hunted down and dealt with any means available…||

    ||Preferably a slow and agonising death by a disease given to them…||

  7. You know, I wish people had more honor and decency. I may not yet have BOTW, but I would loose all my self respect if I robbed Nintendo of it’s well earned (very well earned with this game) dollars.

  8. I fucking love this game and Nintendo! So fuck you to all who pirate it instead of paying for it! Nintendo news should not even publish this “news” unless it’s a smear on the people involved in making this rip off emulator. I am happy to hear so many of you are upset over this though. True Nintendo fans 😎👊

  9. I would love – just LOVE – if Nintendo already thought of this and worked some sort of anti-piracy code into their system, a la Arkham Asylum.

    “Why does my paraglider keep bursting into flames?”
    “Uh, maybe because you stole this game?”

  10. I don’t necessarily support emulators but most of them are used to either play old games that are not obtainable anymore or for online capabilities,such as Netplay for Super Smash Bros Melee. They could also be used for people who dont have any money to buy a Nintendo Switch or BOTW.

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