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GameStop Is Expecting Switch Shortages All Year

GameStop chief operating officer Tony Bartel recently spoke to investors during a post-earning conference call that was held today. There, he told people about chasing supply of Nintendo Switch consoles. He said that “the demand is incredibly strong for this. As soon as we get any in our stores, it’s out within hours. We anticipate we’re going to be chasing supply this entire year”. It’s another sign that the Nintendo Switch is selling more than expected, and an indicator that people who want to buy a Switch may not have an easy time doing so for the rest of the year.


31 thoughts on “GameStop Is Expecting Switch Shortages All Year”

  1. I would like to go see if this is the case with the GameStop’s near me cus I feel like it’s PR bs like usual but I picked up a switch already so I got no reason to pass by there lol

  2. Local observation: Walmart seems to have more Switches in stock than several GameStops do. I’d recommend anyone looking for one try multiple retailers. Let’s not have another NES classic situation, Nintendo…

  3. Ok so i just got mine with Breath of the wild and bomberman r…
    Here’s how it went:
    The personel at gamestop was telling me that they only had bundles, which to that i said no, i wasn’t there to get a bundle. I just wanted the Switch with Zelda, but the guy was trying so hard to sell the bundle to me. I kept saying no, that I couldn’t spend more than what mu budget was (a lie) but he kept insisting. After and hour or so, the guy looked desperate and he said that someone was probably bringing back one, and i said ok.. once you get it, you can call me at this number. So as i was about to leave, the guy said “let me just check something real quick at the back…” he goes and comes back with a (surprise surprise) a stand alone Nintendo Switch. He went like ” i have screwed 3 people now because i didn’t know there was one at the back…
    I call that bullshit…. they need to sell the bundles or they won’t get anything….

    1. That’s just one GameStop experience let’s be real here not every GameStop is like this and experiences will vary. I know there are some gamestops that push to sell more at people’s inconveniences but for the most part most are sold out of switch and the alternative which is the only other way to get it is the bundle.

      1. It was that or get it online, but i knew they had some back there in their little room. They always do, they just like to drive people insane… ok not really… but this guy wanted to take advantage of me and i wasn’t gonna let that happen. You should have seen his face when i wasn’t budging in. ūüėā

  4. I had a feeling this would happen. Preordered mine as soon as it hit Amazon in January even though the only game I’ll have on it for a while is BoTW. Loving it so far.

    1. Same here. I knew once BOTW was announced as a launch title that it would be hard to find a Switch day one so I preordered it as soon as it became available at Best Buy. I got BOTW, Snipperclips (traded Super Bomberman R for it) and 1,2 Switch (yeah I got it lol)

    2. I feel lucky then. I couldn’t get to preorder one, but managed to get one at midnight launch. Especially the neon colored one, since apparently those are more rare than the standard black.

    3. I had zero probs as I preordered my switch the day after it got unveiled in Oct last year lol … Sunk a good 130+ hours into BOTW and I’ve nearly got 100% yay!

  5. i dont think its a matter of selling more than expected. its every time a retailer gets them in they get 15 or 20 and half the people that showed up to purchase go home empty handed. thats marketing for you i guess.

  6. Yeah, this is exactly what the regional manager told me when I bumped into him at my local gamestop. I honestly don’t mind the bundle, It just forced me to choke up cash faster than I would have otherwise. I probably would have spent around the same anyway, just more spread out over time. But at least It comes with a guarantee that I’ll get one now, Instead of waiting in line again.

  7. My retailer seems to have a decent supply.
    Though they only track 5 last sales made, but both SKU’s have those 5 sales made every day, so at least 10 a day is being sold.
    Neon console is short on stock, but grey is pretty ample in supply.

  8. All my accessories are just waiting for the Console. Its nice to have everything I learned about scrached screens , portable uSB battary and a pro Controller needed before I get the Switch.

    The cartridges are cute and small. But why have the cases that big and not smaller to save on money. I know I didnt Rhyme but Grunty is so happy to see a Nintendo console selling this time.

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