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US: Toys R Us Will Have Nintendo Switch Stock On Saturday Morning

If you’re still hunting round for a Nintendo Switch console then you will want to get up early on Saturday and head to your nearest Toys R Us store. The North American retailer has confirmed it will have stock on Saturday at 9am though they’re not disclosing how many units they will be getting.

“We recommend customers get in line early, as we expect these units to be snapped up quickly when the doors open at 9 AM”


10 thoughts on “US: Toys R Us Will Have Nintendo Switch Stock On Saturday Morning”

  1. i was at toys r us today and there was a guy on his phone asking whoever was on the other end if they had any in stock. seems theres still a lot of people on the hunt. hope they get a lot of units in. there whole wall of accessories was bare too. it would be nice to see more joy con color variations and pro controllers stocked as well.

  2. I work customer service for toys r us and i’d like to add one the day the switch lauch we had 10. So don’t expect too much if this is even true. I’m willing to bet my store isn’t going to get any and we’ll get phone calls all weekend about this.

  3. I was at toys r us yesterday and was able to get the gray console. The one I was at only had 10 available units. I couldn’t get straight answer on the phone a couple days prior to going so just took the chance and got there about 2 hours before opening. The people in line and myself felt bad having to tell those others that came that it was too late. I feel for everyone trying to get the console. Keep trying and taking a risk once you see that announcement get there as early as you can.

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