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JonTron Removed From Yooka-Laylee Over Controversial Views

JonTron is known as a massive Banjo Kazooie fan, no doubt why Playtonic asked him voice a character in their upcoming spiritual successor to the game. However, it looks like Playtonic has had second thoughts on YouTuber’s involvement since he expressed some controversial views on social media. Discussing Mexican immigrants, JonTron seems to have offended the developers of Yooka-Laylee. Playtonic has released a statement about the whole incident below.

JonTron is a talented video presenter who we were initially, two years ago, happy to include as a voice contributor in our game. However, in light of his recent personal viewpoints we have made the decision to remove JonTron’s inclusion in the game via a forthcoming content update. We would like to make absolutely clear that we do not endorse or support JonTron’s personal viewpoints and that, as an external fan contributor, he does not represent Playtonic in any capacity. Playtonic is a studio that celebrates diversity in all forms and strives to make games that everyone can enjoy. As such, we deeply regret any implied association that could make players feel anything but 100% comfortable in our game worlds, or distract from the incredible goodwill and love shown by our fans and Kickstarter backers.



    1. See this is the thing. When they dump someone over views, they should state what those views are rather then trying to be nice about it so people like you can go “Oh they have different political views”… when it is more then just a difference of politics.

      Lets talk about those “different political views”. This isn’t just politics. He started by defending the whole “we can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,”… which is.. ridiculously stupid because America is made UP of immigrants.

      But it is more then that. This is about batshit crazy racist conspiracy beliefs. He claimed that Mexican immigrants are setting up “ethnic enclaves” in the US “to break parts of America off back into Mexico.” He also claimed that Jafari also claimed that wealthy black Americans commit more crimes than poor whites (citation badly needed), the court system doesn’t display bias against people of color (it does. PLENTY of data to back that up), that Irish and Italians were always considered “white” in America (they weren’t, and were indentured servents).

      TL;DR: He spouted out a bunch of racist idiocy with now basis of fact to being flat out lies.

      This isn’t about “politics”. This is about someone spouting lies and being a racist white nat

        1. Jon even said it himself that he understands that we he had said could be misconstrued that way.
          Its not that they hate Jon cause of his opinions, its cause from a business standpoint, it makes sense not to want your company tied with someone who people are calling a white supremacist. Look at what happened when people discovered the head of Uber was on Trump’s advisory, for example.

      1. The interview he had with that was full of gish galloping. Destiny loves to twist words around and put them in people’s mouths. Go listen to Sargon of Akkad and Destiny debate, it’s hilarious how mean-spirited Destiny is.

      2. Seems you didn’t do any research, but not a shocker. (Also, love the irony of you calling him racist, then mentioning his skin color for some reason. XD)

        Jon went into the debate unprepared. You could see he wasn’t ready. Afterward, he came out and apologized and further explained himself as he knew what he said would be misconstrued (which surprise, it was.)

        Funny you don’t mention his follow up on it. You and the 14 people that liked your comment. Disappointing.

        1. ||Being unprepared is irrelevant, you say the things you say because you believe in it at the core…||

          ||A non-racist would never utter such words even by being unprepared…||

        2. First, his ‘explanation’ video was just a bunch of excuses and a non-apology which showed that he didn’t really get exactly why people are upset and how his statements were both wrong and an entire depart from reality, or why they were racist. It was just some ‘I don’t like that people are mad at me so I’m going to make a video of half-arsed excuses’ non-apology while trying to push the fault on people for directly quoting him and pointing how that the statements are both racist and wrong.

          Absolutely no real apology or understanding when it comes to what he did. No accountability or self-check… and he seriously needs to do a self check. At the very least he needs to research his own words and realize how they are not factual. At all.

          It also seems like your the one responding without any proper research. White nationalism is a very specific kind of racism, thus mentioning it by name:
          His comments were indicative of that kind of racism, thus referencing the kind of racism he was doing.

          1. I figured that’d be your response. Clearly you didn’t watch it as he did apologize and further explained himself because he was trying to show that he is, in fact, NOT racist. But it doesn’t matter to you people. You make up your mind, and you stick to it. If you actually listened to his reasoning, you would have seen that he easily misspoke and was correcting himself to show he didn’t believe in it. And I don’t need your link. I know what it is. I’m saying that, by bringing up someone’s race as your arguing point, you are in turn being racist.

            Now shoo. Leave politics to adults.

            1. News flash: Saying your not a racist, does not magically turn false racist statements into not being false racist statements.

              He came out of the gate supporting “[we] can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.” (How even? America is made UP of immigrants. Unless you’re Native American, you’re an immigrant and/or have come from immigrants. Also the US has -always- had -all- kinds of cultures as part of the society. Always. Not just Europeans. Sure school history books might be white-washed but it does not take much reading on U.S. history to see comments about the other cultures that also existed.)

              “black Americans from wealthy demographics commit more crime than white Americans from poorer demographics” (False. FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program: 69.7% of arrests made in 2015 were white, with only 26.6% being of African-American descent… African-Americans are more likely to be -sent to prison- over the same crimes and are also more likely to be found guilty for crimes they did not commit.

              “We’ve gotten rid of discrimination in Western countries” (FALSE. So false. Also see link above. There is PLENTY of data out there from SEVERAL sources that show how false that is.)

              “We don’t need immigrants from incompatible places.” (Also false and this one blows my mind with how steeped in racism it is because WTF is he defining as ‘incompatible’!?!? see three point rant above where I already picked this one apart.)

              You can’t say things that are just flat out wrong like that and then toss out some exercises while whining about being “misunderstood” which all can be summed up to “oh but I’m not racist” and expect people to just buy it and the statements to somehow not be wrong anymore?

              No. I’m sorry but reality does not work that way.

              His statements were incorrect to flat out lies. He can either man up and admit it or stop whining and hedging around the issue while trying to push blame and half-arsed cries of ‘I’m being misunderstood!’. Because no, he isn’t. What he said was wrong from start to finish, and those lies are steeped in racism. Actual facts counter him. Ladling out bunch of excuses which doesn’t acknowledge how the statements made were wrong, both morally and factually wrong doesn’t change that.

              The ONLY thing the second video showed is that he has no idea what the heck ‘racism’ is and is COMPLETELY incapable of manning up and acknowledging when something he said was wrong and when he made a mistake.

              His half-arsed childish “I’m not a racist but…” video all boils down to this:
              “Waaa! I don’t like that people are pointing out that my statements are wrong so I’m going to go but- but- I didn’t mean it -that way- so as to try to avoid having to apologize or admit I did anything wrong.”

              He can grow up, learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him… take a second look at how the facts counter his claims and admit that yeah, maybe what he said wasn’t right and maybe actually apologize for that. But he won’t because this guy is incapable of realizing when he is wrong and then actually own up to it.

              So enough with trying to be pissy and uppity due to some inability to deal with the fact that a fav turned out to be a problematic racist.

            2. ||Explain how this isn’t racist at all…||

              ||It’s clear that whites are not allowed to speak up against their demographic um… oblivion.||

    2. As for his comment about America not needing “need immigrants from incompatible places,” WTF does he count as ‘incompatible’. First, unless you are Native American, your ancestors are immigrants. Point blank. America is made up of immigrants.

      Secondly, RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Science has proved this. Despite geographical differences due to humans living in a particular location for a span of time thus their skin tone and body adapt for that area, we are -still the same species-. DNA wise there is little to no difference and none that can possibly define any kind of race.

      Thirdly, statistics have shown that immigrants commit LESS crime than those who live in the united states and any crime that the following generations commit raise, yet still do not match the higher level that native Americans commit.

      Now this idiotic claim of his is combined with a lot of other racist claims that have absolutely no basis in reality. THis is not a difference in “political view”. This is a guy who is a racists white nationalist and who is simply flat out wrong.

      It isn’t even political. He is just wrong.

      Scientifically proven, statistically shown, and morally wrong.

      1. I can get on board with most of your post, but this is what gets me. I’ve seen this phrase used a few times now. Why do you have to describe him as a “racist white nationalist”? Why can’t you just say “racist”.

        First, is there anything wrong with being a nationalist? Last I checked, nationalism wasn’t a bad thing.

        Second, Is there any reason to bring up his skin color when you call him a racist? Is a white racist any worse than a black racist? A racist is a racist.

        1. ||Nationalism, like many other absolute human nonsense, breeds uneccessary differences and an ignorant point of view, this leads to a human irrelevant superiority complex over other nations on your planet, this leads to your pointless wars, which in turn leads to the current and always stale state of your species, that you never learn…||

          1. I agree that nationalism can be a bad thing when you take it so far as to think that your nation is superior to every other nation, but nationalism in most forms is positive. We may all be human beings, but we have major cultural, religious, and ancestral differences. These differences are something to be celebrated and nationalism helps preserve them. I, for one, am very proud of my Irish heritage. I’m also currently studying Japanese culture, simply because I’m extremely interested in it. It would be a shame if we ever lost the things that make us different.

            1. Nationalism is too often confused with patriotism. They are two -vastly- different things.

              Patriotism is pride for your country because you believe it is a good country.
              Nationalism is pride for the country DESPITE if it is a good country or not.

              Understanding the difference between the two helps highlight and understand exactly how nationalism can be a problem where patriotism may not be. Patriotism is pride and love for cultural heritage where Nationalism support a nation even if it may be doing immoral things.

              1. ||The end result however almost has no real difference, pride for some nation because of belief is also a flawed statement since belief in something good is subjective in many cases…||

        2. (Responding to your question about Nationalism below)

          Yes! I agree with you. A racist is a racist. You are right.

          I mentioned white nationalism because he is displaying a very specific kind of racism through his factually inaccurate judgemental statements (most particularly with his ludicrous comment of ‘incompatibility’ which makes no sense whatsoever).

          Via Wikipedia: “White nationalism is a type of nationalism or pan-nationalism which holds the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity.”

          People say they are proud of being Irish, or being proud to be British, Mexican, Scottish, Indian, ext. All of these are fine and reflect a particular culture subset and pride in having that kind of cultural heritage. Meanwhile there is no overall “white” race. White nationalism has no basis other then people claiming pride about -skin tone-… which is absolutely ridiculous as the only thing that defines how dark a person’s skin is, is based on how sunny the place is where they are living and what they happen to be eating. The more sun in an area, the darker people’s skin gets as melatonin levels increase to protect the skin against sun rays. The more generations of humans in a sunny area, the darker their skin is as their bodies produce more melatonin. That is all there really is to that.

          All white nationalism equates to is hate for other people because generations of humans lived in a geographical area long enough for their bodies to adjust. Hate based of skin color is entirely ignorant (in addition to the fact that racism is wrong anyway.) Even in each cultural group, Africans, Mexicans, ext, there is no regular amount of melatonin that people happen to have. Some people are a lot lighter in skin tone then others and there is a wide variety of people that come in a variety of different skin tones. But for some idiotic reason white nationalist target out those who happen to have darker skin and hate on them because of it (which is -especially- retarded when you know more about human ancestry and realize that everyone was dark skinned at first and it is white skin that was the mutation as humans migrated farther away from the equator. And now every culture group has all sorts of skin tones).

          He tried to be a bit more widespread with his hatred by going ‘incomparable areas’ which is just— its just stupid because there is nothing that makes humans of different areas incomparable. Despite adaption and cultural/social differences, we are still all one species.

    1. Anyone that is directly offended by what Jon said would be affected when they hear his voice in the game. Because of that, it goes against Playtonic’s policy

      1. supposedly anyone you hire must have the same views as you do, everyone you associate with has to be in agreement with everything you stand for. (At least thats what butthurt people think.)

        this seems like an ongoing cycle, HE MADE A RACIST COMMENT HE IS A MONSTER. welcome to the new media, where even silence can be offensive.

        1. Thing is, If you hire someone with those sort of views, the public condemns the company. The company does what ever takes not to take a hit. Plus Jon is huge enough that his opinions will in some way effect that company. Its not about having the same views, its about taking care of your company.

    1. So discriminating someone on their opinions and views is a “consequence”?
      What if I said to you that I wanted you off my project because you have views different from me and nothing else? Wouldn’t you feel discriminated?

      This is nothing to with Jon’s Opinions as more of Playtonic trying to keep their image clean for the Femtards and SJWhiners.

      1. What if I said to you that I wanted you dead because of your nationality? Wouldn’t you feel discriminated? JonTron clearly isn’t the victim here, it’s the millions of Mexican immigrants he just flipped off. And as we’ve seen ever since our new President was elected, if a big figure talks trash about someone, followers will think they’re entitled to do the same thing. If you think such a big YouTuber like JonTron should be allowed to talk down to entire ethnic groups without consequences, you’re an insensitive brat.

            1. It’s kind of like bullying anyone who thinks differently…no wait it IS actually that.

              And I don’t even care about what Jon’s views are but I still think it’s wrong to treat him this way!

            2. Companies very often care about how their employees present themselves in public, whether you agree with that or not, it’s just how it is. And it’s kind of understandable I think, because especially for big/popular companies, media outlets and journalists are just waiting for people to blunder so they can get their next big scoop, which can potentially end up in somewhat of a smear campaign with the company getting involved, even if it was just one individual that messed up. I’m almost certain that if one of Nintendo’s employees (or the employee of a company of similar caliber) made racist comments in public, we could expect a similar situation.
              Playtonic most certainly wasn’t the first company to break ties with an employee over what they have said publicly, and they won’t be the last. Practically, they fired someone for being racist in front of public audience, with the reasoning “if you can not be accepting of others, we can not be accepting of you”.
              There is a difference between having an “unpopular” opinion but keeping it to yourself, and having an “unpopular” opinion and openly talking about it in public.
              By saying “fuck Playtonic, I won’t buy your game”, aren’t you practically doing the very same thing you are criticizing them for? You decide to boycott them because they have a different view on things than you do, while criticizing Playtonic for cutting ties with JonTron for having different views than they do.

              That being said, I’m personally not even sure which side I’m with. I don’t agree with JonTron’s racist opinions, that’s for sure, though I do believe everyone’s free to think what they want to – but then again, just because you think something, doesn’t mean you should publicly announce that opinion, especially not if you have an easily influencable audience, and are under some kinda contract with a company. Also, if you have an unpopular opinion you decide to publicly express, you probably should be prepared for the possible consequences.
              It’s a difficult situation, and I can understand points both sides raise, but yea. I guess everything would have been for the best if he kept his opinion to himself – or, at least waited until after the game’s officially out, hah.

              1. ||It wasn’t the first time that human male uttered irrelevant nonsense…||

                1. Oh, really? I’m not very familiar with him, or the GameGrumps in general, so I didn’t know. Interesting.
                  Thanks for sharing the info! I don’t think it changes much about how I view the situation, but that’s still interesting to know. q:

              2. This is censorship. This also means the game going have high amount of political correctness in it. As they are using the license of banjo kazooie to push their left wing idea. To pander to left wing extremist. Who will never buy the game.

                This is going be the video game version of the new ghost busters. Most games do not want political correctness in their game and this game needs to bomb. Just like Mass Effect Andromeda. If you want to push your left wing retard stuff. Go make an original IP like undertells and going home.

                1. ||How is it censorship? They aren’t cutting off his mouth are they?…||

          1. The problem is that his fans will figure that since JonTron did it, it’s okay for them to do it too. He’s inspiring other people to discriminate as well, and that makes JonTron an asshole who deserves what’s coming to him.

              1. Exactly whose rights did he violate though? I don’t agree with anything he said, but you can’t possibly claim that he violated anyone’s rights in expressing his thoughts.

                1. I don’t get where this “violating rights” thing comes from, but certainly you can understand why a company wouldn’t want to associate with someone espousing such racist views?

                  1. My comment was a direct response to what Declan Brosnan said :”You care more about one person’s rights than millions of others, then?”

                    Like I said, I don’t agree with anything the guy said and I don’t blame Playtonic for disassociating themselves with him.

                    1. I am not wholeheartedly familiar with the laws of the United States of America, but I do think that it is a right not to be discriminated against, based on race, sexual orientation, etc.

                      But nevertheless, your stance seems to be mine likewise.
                      I would not associate with him either, were I to have been in PlayTonic’s place…

                    2. It’s true that discrimination of a person based on heritage, color, creed, etc. is a violation of their constitutional rights, but it can only really apply in cases of direct contact and to actions that can be proven to cause some significant harm to a person’s potential wellbeing. For instance, if I were to refuse someone a service or physically assault them, or deny them a job, or penalize them in some way because of their skin color, I’d be violating their constitutional rights.

                      In JonTron’s case, he made discriminatory statements concerning a group of people, but he didn’t violate anybody’s rights in doing so.

              1. It’s not flawed because JonTron was the one discriminating in the first place. Rather, Playtonic is encouraging other companies to punish those who are talking trash about whole ethnic groups. And I still can’t understand why anyone would disregard the rights of millions of innocents while defending a bully.

                1. Maybe because nobody was discriminating in the first place, and a bunch of offended SJW are spouting nonsense because someone in media doesn’t agree with them?

                  So yes, the logic behind that is flawed through and through.

                  Besides, this is a democracy. Silencing someone because of conflicting opinions is something a dictatorship would do.

                  1. You have a point about democracy, and I’ll admit that I was perhaps too hateful on the rest of you. But it saddens me still that you are so hateful of the rest of them.

                    1. I don’t hate anyone, don’t worry.

                      The point is: Playtonic could very well ignore the whole thing, since it wouldn’t have an impact on the game overall. Or, at the very least, properly discuss the subject with Jon.

                      But instead they removed him of the project and posted something along the lines of “he didn’t agree with us, so we are removing him without hearing him”.

                      This is what I really hate.

                  2. ||I find it ironic how all sides blame the others for the very same thing they do…||

                    ||Isn’t this what the opposite side of the SJW human cattle tries to do at every turn as well?…||

                    ||The point is, you humans are nothing but useless filth that needs to be deleted from existence before your disease starts to spread in the universe…||

          2. These are not a matter of “Political Views”… discriminating against people is not having a “political view”… it is being a racist. He threw out a bunch of racist claims that had no basis in reality (some being flat out lies). He was being a racist. That is why they dropped him.

          3. By removing johntrons voice from the game, they’re not discriminating against him. Playtonic has ethics standards that johntrons comments didn’t meet. If you go into your work place today and call someone there a racial slur, do you really think that you would for sure keep your job? Seems to me that this whol thing says more about the people who are trying to defend johntron then it does Playtonic. Some people just don’t understand that when they spew hatred there can be consequences to it. I say good for Playtonic.

            1. “f you go into your work place today and call someone there a racial slur, do you really think that you would for sure keep your job?”

              to be fair, if you worked at the white house, you’d have nothing to worry about. Likely promotion in fact

          4. Racism. Is not. A “political view”.. Hating on a ln entire ethnic group of people just because they are different from you is racism. Not politics. Racism.

        1. That’s quite ironic, I suppose the people who who believe that every person is entitled to their own, individual opinion is an “insensitive brat.” Meanwhile, the rest complain, accuse, and attack anyone who does not share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas about what is “moral” and “immoral.” That, in my opinion, is quite bratty.
          I’m a Hispanic male obtaining higher education; I am an immigrant. Am I offended by JonTron’s statements? No. Am I offended by the statements and beliefs of President Trump? No. Am I offended by racism directed at me? No. Does that make me insensitive? It most certainly does not. Every person has the right to like or dislike whatever they please and to hold on to any belief they desire, so long as is does not bring harm to another being, that is what I believe.
          Words are words, they cannot bring harm to people, although they can also be dangerous when used to manipulate or influence the thoughts and opinions of others. This, however, is not the case with JonTron. Prepared or not, he spoke what was on his mind. Sometimes people say things they don’t mean or even believe in. Sometimes people are lost in the moment. I cannot say what JonTron really believes in, but I can say that he has the right to hold on to his beliefs, just as anyone else here.
          This is also not an issue of insensitivity, but perhaps a problem of over sensitivity. How many people were honestly, greatly harmed by JonTron’s words? I’d say little to none, no one was harmed. Upset, perhaps. Enraged, clearly. What is did cause was an uproar of emotions, anger, disappointment, discomfort. Well, the world isn’t full of comfort, and neither is life. There will always be something someone doesn’t agree with, or something they think is wrong, but that is no reason to lunge at another with insults and attacks. To a separate pair of eyes, your reaction may be something they disagree with, and something you may see as just they may see as wrong, because no one will ever think like another. Choose what offends you, and choose well because a life that holds anger at every unpleasant corner is a poor life.

  1. ||The entire Xbot Homworld also known as USA should be banished from existence since they all care so much about those irrelevant matters like what colour you human cattle have…||

    ||The Ing are vastly superior to every species in the universe because we take everything we want…||

          1. ||You cannot, our homeworld moves at will…||

            ||We once absorbed energy from the star in this sector…||

  2. It’s so nice to see people claiming they “respect diversity”, yet removing someone of their projetct because of conflicting P.O.W.s

    Very respectfuls right here.

    1. Prisoner’s Of War? I assume you meant POV’s? And what’s wrong with someone disassociating with someone because of their point of view? You’re telling me you associate with everybody despite their point of view? What point do you think you have?

  3. It’s about public image. The guy has a right to his own opinion although, I don’t know what he said but it must have been bad enough to have him removed. You have to make sure your aware of the consequences for expressing it. It’s the same as watching out what you post on social media. Businesses will terminate any affiliation for that, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

    1. Seriously?!? Playtonic can decided who they use for their voice actors, johntron doesn’t have some god given right to do a voice in their game. I find it moronic that you people here have a problem with that. Open your big mouth and spew hatred and then end up shocked when it bites you in the ass. SAD!

      1. I dont see why playtonic even had to get involved. nobody would have batted an eye if they kept him on. this is a PR move to make playtonic look good

    2. What does this have to do with political correctness? Political correctness became the phrase of the week for a lot of idiots lately.

      Explain political correctness to me.

      1. If you have someone who is affiliated with you who has controversial views cut him off to make you or your company look better. Jontron said some controversial stuff and it wasnt seen as “inclusive to everyone” so playtonic did the PC thing and cut ties with him

        1. In your description, you assume that Playtonic don’t disagree with him and it’s only because others disagree with him that they decided to stop working with him. That would be PR not PC.

          “Political correctness” was a term that was created by Socialists against Communists to describe how Communists who valued political lines above compassion. Then it was later used as an in-joke by the new left.

          The phrase was then taken by conservatives and warped so that the current meaning is really just “left-wing culture”. Conservatives use the term to avoid discussion of race, sexuality, or whatever by claiming that their opinions should be unopposed and that any attempt at persuading them to believe anything else is “thought policing”.

  4. I said this the first time I saw people freaking out about him – I didn’t enjoy his content anyway, and I don’t agree with what he said, but the way he’s being boycotted and blacklisted is absolutely ridiculous.

    Even better is all the people who will happily admit that his content is almost entirely non-political and has essentially nothing to do with his views, but they’re going to stop watching him anyway. Because God forbid a non-political entertainer/comedian have different views than you, I guess.

    1. It goes deeper than you think. By watching his videos, you are giving him ad revenue. This revenue can then be donated to political campaigns. So in essence by watching his content, not only do you agree with his views, but contributing money to like causes. Granted he may not donate or contribute, but who really knows. A person can spend his money as he wants, so if you are actively against his opinions, why give him money?

    2. It’s also along the logic:

      If you dislike/hate a particular sports team, would you contribute money to the organization still? Any reason at all.

  5. These people at Playtonic don’t understand what free speech means. They also don’t understand that in a democracy everyone has the right to have his own opinion! By this immature move they discredited everyone who does not share the views of Playtonic. The next step is to not sell a copy of Yooka-Laylee to anyone who has a different political opinion than them.

    1. It also does nothing but harm playtonic and anyone else who does this. I don’t care what his views are and just see him as a content creator but surely you’d think, if you want a view to not be so popular, you could at least try countering it with logic? But I guess silencing anyone with such a view works too I guess…oh wait it doesn’t.

        1. I admire your tenacity but these people are hopeless. They don’t realize the severity of his accusations. They don’t get that it’s more than a political opinion. They wont accept the fact that him being a public figure spewing this kind of hatred would cause ANY company to be nervous about being associated with that kind of talk. They can’t imagine the reality where a “humble” YouTuber is in the wrong and a “company” is in the right. They’re as stupid as the social justice warriors they criticize.

    2. I think YOU misunderstand what free speech is. Free speech doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want, it simply means the government can’t punish you for it. You sure as hell can get fired for saying racist shit lol.

    3. You are are free to say what you want. They are free to let you go because of it. I would be fired immediately for speaking a view that is against any race, sex, or nationality. It is in our employee standards. One job I had would let you go even you got drunk drunk or anything that gets gets you gets you pulled over.

    4. Free speech is the concept that the government can’t lock you up for your opinions. Free speech does not protect you from criticism and does not prevent someone from disassociate with you because of your opinions. If JonTron was able to communicate his political opinions and Playtonic wasn’t allowed to be critical of them, then free speech would only be working one way.

      YOU need to learn what free speech means. I’ll help you out.

      1. YOU don’t understand what free speech means! If people are oppressed or attacked in any way for voicing their opinion, as in this case, then free speech will be dead sooner than you can say “democracy”!

        1. ||Explain how a human should not be attacked for saying things like [All mexicans are rapists], as an example…||

          ||And I’m stating a general sentence, nothing to do with this irrelevant JonTron subject…||

        2. What you’re describing would prevent people from being criticized. Your interpretation is free speech that only works one way. You’re not good at critical thinking. Just accept that now.

      2. P.S.: How pathetic that you don’t understand the philosophical concept behind “free speech” and have to look it up on a wiki page! If Wikipedia would say that free speech means you can say anything as long as it doesn’t contravene a law, people like you would follow that definition like sheep!

        1. The Wikipedia link was for YOU to read up on. I already knew what free speech meant from the First Amendment. You’re the one interpreting a near authoritarian interpretation of free speech.

    1. They are a COMPANY, not a govermant. By employing him they are financialy supporting both him and what he stands for. Every employee represents the company they work for.

      Choosing to not employ and financially support racism is NOT Dictatorship!!!

      It is chosing to NOT financially support racism!! …or have a racist represent your company!

      1. Playtonic is the employer, as an employer they do not reserve the right to discriminate or fire against someone with different political or religious beliefs.

        JonTron is not a racist for noticing a double standard.

        1. As a film maker, I’m allowed to cut any actor out of a film that I want to for what ever reason I see fit. It could be because of their performance, because the scene didn’t turn out well or wasn’t needed, because of time constraints, because I don’t like the character, or even because I desire not to associate with that person anymore.

          The contract that Playtonic had with Jontron, like most contracts, likely said that he would record voices for them and they will pay him. They have no obligation to use his material AT ALL.

          1. Nope try again. Your reasons do not correlate, between political or religious beliefs, as it is personal.

            Though you are right that Playtonic may fire someone they see fit and replace them with a different position, they do not reserve the right to fire someone for their personal beliefs.

            Just go to any employer, right before you do get hired, you would have to sign an agreement that they will not discriminate you for your personal beliefs.

            I will say it again, for you, you cannot fire someone for their personal beliefs. However, employers may replace someone else that can do the job more efficiently.

            1. If he recorded voices and got paid, then the contract is over and he did not get fired. That’s IF there was a contract. We don’t know what the professional relationship was between the two.

                1. He wasn’t fired for his “Personally Held Beliefs”.

                  The MOMENT he went on a public channel and started spreading racist and discriminatory falsehoods PUBLICLY, it became PUBLICLY held beliefs.

                  When you are hired by a company, you represent that company.

                  A company absolutely has full right to fire someone who is racist and discriminatory towards others. It looks bad for the company to keep them on the payroll and not only does it risk their losing customers to not fire them, but it also absolutely disrespectful to their OTHER employees whom he is being discriminatory and racist towards. (Aso known as EEO violations.

                  Also, this is not like political views such as opinions on how the economy should be run, how trade should be done, ext. When ‘beliefs’ start to be infringing on the rights of others and implicitly imply that others should not be treated like fellow human beings (See his tirade about people being ‘incompatible’, whatever the heck THAT Is supposed to mean. We are all the same blasted species), then it can no longer be given the label excuse of being ‘political’ and start being flat out racism and hate speech. This is not about politics. It is about racism. This is not about “personal” beliefs. THis is about a guy who went on a public channel and started spreading false information (scientifically proven, statistically shown as false) so as to support and spread racist views and discriminatory falsehoods.

                  Yes. The company– ANY company ABSOLUTELY has full right to no longer pay and finance someone who publicly touts hate/ignorance based discriminatory falsehood towards others.

                2. As an artistic medium, someone can be cut from the final content for any reason. It’s a very different kind of career than working at Burger King or a Target or something. And he was not “fired”. Even in the wording of their official statement they said they “made the decision to remove Jon’s inclusion in the game”. Removing him from their game does not equal firing. He doesn’t work for Playtonic and, if there was ever a contract for the voice work he contributed to the game, then not only would they have both already met the terms of said contract, but it likely would have including terminology that would allow them to terminate the contract for reasons such as this. From their perspective, this would be the same as a Target employee saying “I wish you would leave my country” while bagging a customers items.

                  Whether or not we’re on the same page here is irrelevant because they are not in the wrong.

  6. In light of Playtonic’s recent viewpoints and decisions, I have made the decision to not endorse their new game buy not buying it, and now hope few people will. I would like to make it absolutely clear that they can get fucked.

      1. They very much did not. If you haven’t already, you should check out his video where he further explains what he actually meant.

  7. All of you are acting ridiculous down talking “SJWs” and claiming first amendment rights. So hypocritical. I’m sure Playtonic will be suffering if you all boycott their game. Go ahead it’s your right to do so. Lol

  8. Alright, it looks like once again, people do not understand the difference between politics and humanitarianism, and people ALSO don’t understand what freedom of speech means.
    To those saying that Jontron is allowed to say whatever he wants- yes, of course he is. Freedom of speech means that he can say whatever he wants, (aside from things that would threaten the well being of others, like yelling “bomb” on a plane etc..) without being prosecuted by the law. Freedom of speech does NOT mean he can’t be punished by an employer, and it does not mean that people can’t stop liking him because of what he says. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say what you want without any consequences that would be ridiculous. I can’t walk up to my boss and insult him based on how he was born, the pigment of his skin, or his nationality without consequences. Jontron’s views do not subscribe to a political point of view. While race has a firm grasp on modern politics, making a prejudiced statement at the expense of an entire group of people is absolutely not a political view. If what he said had anything to do with the LAW and the GOVERNMENT (some of which did), he would be fine. However, Jon said things that were blatantly racist opinions on a group of people, and why they are only opinions, something like that has the risk of tarnishing the name of a growing company like Playtonic. I guarantee you, if this had happened to any other person, in any other small office, they would have been fired as well. So why do you think the things he said wouldn’t have any consequences? This is a person who, at least on the internet would be considered a public figure ( I mean he has 3mill subscribers come on.) For you people to think that this wouldn’t have cut some of his ties is ridiculous to me.

    Y’all need to figure out how companies, especially when it comes to hiring and firing actors based on accusatory and frankly INSULTING views about other people (once again, not a political thing). And you also need to understand that what you say DOES have consequences, especially if you have a far reach, and are part of a workplace that promotes equality. Grow up, because I guarantee you, when you say something out of line at work, “freedom of speech” will not be your get out of jail free card.

  9. Guys its a job, when you work for a company you represent that company, when you say racist shit publicly you get fired.
    It makes staff uncomfortable, it makes customers uncomfortable, and that affects work and sales.

    It’s not “omg thought police” it’s standard business practice, idiots.

    1. He doesn’t even work for them. He got his voice in the game for backing the game. If anything, they work for HIM. XD

      And again with this “racist” crap. Funny how none of you people mention his follow up video.

      1. They don’t mention his follow up video probably because he still said the initial statements. If anything, his follow up video meant that he meant no harm by his original statements and is just not well-versed enough in the topics to have made some of those statements in the first place.

      2. His video was a non-apology. Making a bunch of excuses and trying to blame other people for directly quoting his words and pointing out how what he said is wrong is not an apology and does not change the fact that a lot of what he said was both racist and wrong.

        Going ‘I am not racist’ does not change the fact that other statements said are racist and wrong. It just means whoever is saying racist comments while tacking on ‘I am not a racist’ has no bloody clue what racism is and really needs to check themselves.

  10. did he even donate the hundreds of dollars you actually are required to donate in order to voice a character in the first place?

  11. The way he’s entitled to his views so too are Playtonic and they feel removing him is for the best.

    So much hostility here over nothing really.

    Regardless I’m still supporting these devs 100%

  12. It’s fucking cool as heck how you retards keep trying to rebrand racism as “different political views.” Real fucking brave to not be able to admit what the issue is actually about.


    There are NO rights in play here. Zero. You’re throwing that word around like its candy and it’s not AT ALL relevant here. To be clear: Playtonic is NOT the United States Government, or any government. They are under ZERO obligation to offer their employees free speech without consequence, and any insinuation or implication that they are is factually false.

    They are a private entity and have complete control over the content they want to make (deservedly so). Yes Playtonic disagrees with JonTron, so they choose to put forth a product that represents the view they believe in. Good for them, they are free to do so, and are under ZERO obligation to defend or stand by JonTron.

    Jontron expressed an opinion. Now Platonic has as well. Anyone who says Playtonic is the “thought police” is actually policing Playtonic’s thoughts and opinions – in other words, you’re a hypocrite.

    1. Thank you! Too many people don’t get this. Each and every single one of us as chosen not to associate with someone because of their point of views at one point or another.

  14. This is awesome news. When someone’s views disrespect the existence of whole groups of people, those views do not deserve to be respected. This is far more than just disagreeing about politics stuff, it’s fine to disagree politically and diverse opinions are great. But if your opinion is “Rich black people commit more crime than poor white people” (a totally racist lie that has no facts backing it up) or things of a similar nature, your opinion should not be respected.

  15. It seems that almost every Switch game has at least one negative factor:

    -Breath of the Wild – Weapon durability; you can get one-shotted easily.
    -1, 2, Switch – Hardly any gameplay; practically no need for a video game system to play it.
    -Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Insulting to people who spent money on the Wii U version, and its DLC content.
    -Sonic Forces – Boost-to-win; Tails and co. as do-nothing NPCs.
    -Sonic Mania – 40% new; 60% rehash
    -Splatoon 2 – Same issues as Splatoon 1/Splatoon in general.

    Super Mario Odyssey still holds promise, especially after the days of Super Mario Maker. Other games I don’t care enough about to list.

  16. Worse case scenario, the PC version can just be modded to include JonTron’s voice work over the person replacing him. The PS4/XBONE/Switch versions would take longer.

    We live in a technological age. Don’t settle for less over matters like this. In short, JonTron won’t be in the game, because Playtonic decided “no”.

    It’s just a voice clip. Hell, for further “authenticity”, you can mod his name in the credits if you want. Even a simple YouTube video of this change would be enough.

  17. Say it ain’t so!! JonTron broke my heart,was a big fan…

    (thinks about how I’ve Never seen a black person featured on any of his vids… remembers “this is the deadest N@#ga I’ve ever seen” on his drug PDA videos)

    I’ll be alright.f@#ck’em.

  18. As much as I hate this sort of thing happening, they may of made the right choice. Playtonic could of had a lot of unnecessary attacks from “SJWs” and such. That’s not needed for a new company trying to bring back a near dead genre.

  19. This comment section is pure cancer. Also I can’t believe people are deciding not to buy the game over this. Regardless of whether you agree or don’t agree with what Playronic did, the game doesn’t get worse or better with JonTron out so why should it matter so much. Even if I was a huge JonTron fan, which I’m not, I’d buy the game because it interests me. I don’t see the logic in letting shit that doesnt involve you affect your life this much. But of course this is just my opinion do what you want lol

        1. If clickbait articles were overused than the term click bait wouldn’t overused would it? Why is this considered clickbait? I generally consider an article to be clickbait if the title is sensationalist or meant to trick people into clicking the article. Neither apply here, thus you are improperly using the term click bait.

          1. Or you can post a story that has little to do with Nintendo on a Nintendo site because you know it’ll start flame wars… Besides if you couldn’t tell I was only half heartedly joking about the type of stories Josh posts to change the tone of a comment section that has gone south and instead try to tell a total stranger what is and isn’t click bait like I will really care what you think then I can see why you chose that user name of yours. I’ll let have your opinions though and a good day to you.

            1. How are you gonna try to twist it like I’m some basement dweller for discussing something with a stranger on the internet when the only reason we were talking about this in the first place is because YOU put your opinion out their on the internet? What a genius.

              1. Lol, let it go dude. Don’t worry about it .. Thing is I think you took me to serious and so you think I’m calling when it wasn’t then we have diffrent ideas about that and like I said it was more about changing subjects than anything else. Let’s get back to Nintendo because if I want to go back and forth about opinions then I’d hang out on youtube’s cancerous comment section… 🤔

      1. ||Not even 1 minute of listening to this imbecile and it’s clear that it’s a racist primate, it tries to play the victim card at any point…||

            1. ||This was not and won’t be the last nonsense he spits out, the video is a pathetic attempt at misdirecting his true nature…||

                1. If he has a 2nd video, then I havent seen it. If your talking about the one were he “apologizes” and then doubles down on his shit, continues to claim that his stats are correct, and then says hes going back to making videos because hes better at that, then yes, Ive seen it.

  20. Very interesting. I mean I can’t say I’m shocked, but given how sticky this situation was on Playtonic’s part I’m surprised they even came out and said anything at all. Obviously, if you are a young company trying to make it big the last thing you want is to be involved with someone who is an open book about their own unpopular cultural views known (whether they are actually racist or not). However, Jontron was also a big figure pushing sales of this game. It’s no surprise Jon has been supporting this game which is why Playtonic offered him to be a part of it in the first place… This was a business decision designed to up the sales because Jon is a popular Youtuber and it’s no surprise that people would be willing to buy this game just to hear Jon’s voice. Now for the company to go back on a business decision for… ethical reasons… it seems contradictory and there are no shortage of people (Jontron fans) admitting they only wanted to get the game to hear Jon’s voicelines. It really is an interesting decision that seems like a lose/ lose situation on Playtonic’s part, but by making this decison publicly known they are now making it even worse for themselves because now they’re making people aware of their own lose/lose business decision. When a decision like this has to be made the last thing you want to do is make a public comment that goes into such detail. Good job Playtonic… you could have removed Jon without making it a big deal, but you did anyway.

    PS. I’m not even a big fan of Jon so I have no idea what kind of nonsense he started spouting, if it was something stupid and racist I don’t support it, but regardless he’s kinda dumb for bringing up controversial opinions when people come to his channel to watch funny gaming content…. how can you be so stupid as to open up to your fans about controversial issues when that’s not even the reason why people come to you in the first place….Jon and Playtonic will burn together over something he started… that’s kinda messed up, but at the same time Playtonic could have easily mitigated this uproar rather than blowing it up.

  21. Great job Playtonic! I am so glad that they have the sense in a world where companies like to make excuses for racist ideologies.

    They have definitely secured my purchase of the game in the future. I do NOT under any circumstances support racism and bigotry. JonTron, whoever that is, should be deeply ashamed of himself.

  22. I get that’s why you’re walking a line when you make your political views public, but Playtonic’s wording is horrid, here…JonTron said some pretty crazy things, I agree, but here, it sounds like they fired him for simply having different beliefs than them…

    If they were gonna put out a statement, they should’ve been more clear about it…

    I don’t really see the decision to break ties with him as something that’ll significantly affect their sales at this stage, but I get that associating with him could negatively affect them in the long run…I just think that wording could backfire, really badly…

  23. From a bussiness standpoint, it will make them look bad to have someone with that kind of mentality. It’s like on Facebook, when you work for someone and then start saying crap that offends others… if your employer finds out about that situation, they will cut all ties with you. That might scare potential customers or give a bad reputation to your company. Don’t ask me why that happens, but people always seem to direct all those issues with the employers… “if that’s the way that person thinks, just imagine the companies morals…” or something like that. A company’s policy can be a bitch…

  24. Could Not be happier to know that he wont be in the game anymore. :-) As a Backer, I dont want to knowingly have his negative energies in my home.

  25. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    He said racist comments & did not apologize for them but merely made excuses. Beliefs like these honestly shouldn’t be tolerated or defended. It’s sad people are actually equating racist comments to political views. Don’t sugarcoat the bullshit JonTron said, Playtonic. Just outright say he was being a racist & move on. Now you got a bunch of people not actually reading or hearing what this loser said getting upset because he was let go over “political” views.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      And if he truly isn’t racist, I guess he shouldn’t have said what he said. Otherwise, he brought this on himself. I wonder how many of you know that JonTron actually agrees with & understands why Playtonic let him go & isn’t mad or angry with Playtonic for letting him go.

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