Nintendo Switch

Snake Pass Nintendo Switch Patch Now Available

The charming Snake Pass on the Nintendo Switch has received its first patch. The new patch solves the issues sounding the HD Rumble in the game which caused a headache for some with its obnoxious buzzing. Thankfully it has now been fixed. However, the developer Sumo Digital, hasn’t put out any patch notes so there’s no word if there’s been any other changes.

Thanks to all those who sent this in.



      1. Even with 1/4 the resolution, the New 3DS is better for *cough cough* por– *cough* –ub. Sorry. Just getting over a cold (literally). Anyway, the New 3DS browser has a slow-mo/fast-forward feature that the Wii U lacks. It also can do 3D on some videos, though VR 3D looks wonky because it stretches the screens to be 16:10. Regardless, it’s a much better player, on SFW and NSFW sites.

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    1. Well before the patch it would rumble anytime you hit the ground hard or when u collect some stuff it was really loud and annoying so I’m happy that got fixed.Don’t know what perverted snake stroking sensation the other guy is talking about but I haven’t felt it lol overall not impressed with hd rumble in general but it’s a good game so far lol

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      1. “I don’t know what perverted stroking sensation the other guy was talking about”
        Avoid statements like this that make you look uneducated in the future, ok?


      2. Lol if your going to quote someone and call them uneducated at least write the original quote that the so-called uneducated individual wrote. Its a joke anyways silly rabbit anyone can see that lol


      3. By the way, best demonstrations of HD rumble are 1-2 Switch (legitimately the ball count game is super cool to feel) and Fast Racing Neo (which used in game sound effects split into different sound files based on the pitch which were then mapped to the motors in the controller).

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