Players Catch Over 589 Million Magikarp During Pokémon GO Water Festival

Players have been busy catching Magikarp in Pokémon GO’s Water Festival event, with the numbers coming in at over 589 million so far.

This could have something to do with the newly introduced shiny Magikarp, which players have been hunting down in hopes of reaching the point where they can evolve one into a shiny Gyarados.

At least this event has given Magikarp some love! How many have you caught so far?

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  1. ||Good, all 589 million will be trained to Gyaradoses and there will be about 4,000 Gyaradoses hunting one Xbot…||

    1. What if the Xbots resurrect the remains of Scalebound and form an army of Covenant soldiers led by Master Chief? Will you lead us to victory, Commander?

      1. ||My technology is far beyond their primitive technology, their Covenant soldiers and Master Chief together don’t even stand a remote chance against me…||

  2. My brother has DOZENS of 10CP Magikarp he refuses to transfer. Neither one of us found a shiny though.

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