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Your Nintendo Switch Game Saves Will Be Lost Forever If Nintendo Can’t Transfer Your Data

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t enable you to upload your data and saved games to the cloud, nor does it allow you to access them from the same account on another piece of hardware. Furthermore, you can’t move them over to an SD card to keep them safe. Due to these limitations, your game saves have the potential of being lost forever if Nintendo doesn’t find a way to transfer your data – should something unfortunate happen to your console. For example, one user had to send his Switch to Nintendo after it unexpectedly bricked. Nintendo was able to resolve the issue, but it couldn’t preserve any of the save data originally on the system – including 50 plus hours worth of data from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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  1. What the heck is this! Shame on you Nintendo and your backward ass Kyoto ways.
    2005 called and it wants its Leap Frog tablet back.

    Quadraxis… You’ve been allowed to operate way longer than your intended programming was designed for…

    Its time for the Church of Sasori to pull the plug…

  2. And this is exactly why cloud saves are a must- if Switch doesn’t have system transfer abilities like its predecessors, archaic as the process and idea is, there needs to be SOMETHING in case a problem occurs.

    What if access to cloud saving is part of the paid online they’re rolling out later? I won’t mind paying $20 for it in the off-chance I have a problem.

  3. This NEEDS to change. As a handheld gamer primarilly, I’d gotten used to and comfortable with the idea of my save hames being on the cartridge…

    1. It’s truly a shame that they removed save files from cartridges. Hacking can’t be an excuse for removing such an important feature. It’s ridicule and a big step back.

      1. More cost effective to have read only memory.
        And it is the right step. Though they should have the system to save to SD card.

        1. It shouldn’t change too much, even Nintendo 3DS software, that’s dirty cheap has save files on the cartridge (or not?), half a gig of writable money shouldn’t be so costly. They always accompanied ROMs with rewrytable memory. Now it’s just a flash card.

          1. Penny saved is penny earned.
            Think largest size for 3DS is 8GB.
            If Nintedno needs to go up to 32GB or even 64GB at some point, they need it to be as cost effective as possible.

  4. This is single handedly going to KILL the Switch if Nintendo doesn’t do something about it. The fact that you can’t transfer game saves to a micro SD card is just retarded. What’s the micro SD card slot even for if you can’t transfer saves? Nintendo should have had this problem solved long before the Switch released.

    1. Yes, we’ve all made extensive and regular use of save data backups on past systems – losing this is going to destroy any and all enjoyment using the Switch, in figurative capital letters.

      That said, it’s extremely easy for Ninty to solve this – so the sooner the better.

    2. “This is single handedly going to KILL the Switch if Nintendo doesn’t do something about it. ”


      99.9% of gaming customers will never even find out about this, much less care. You put FAR too much business emphasis on the hardcore crowd. Even for the hardcore crowd, this is unlikely to be the breaking point on whether or not they purchase a Switch.

  5. … the same can happen if you fail a transfer anyway.
    We know they have cloud saves already in the works (and working but only via repair atm)

  6. Yeah… if you’re going to have paid online, please at least have cloud saves in the future.

  7. Well, sounds like one user has fifty extra hours of enjoyment in Zelda.
    Seriously though, those cloud saves are a must. And an update for SD saves would be great too.

    1. I’ve got two words for you, Kevin– Cloud Save. It’s gonna come to the Switch. Right now, you need to have patience. Don’t let that negativity get the best in you.

  8. I’m actually looking forward to playing Breath of the Wild a second time! Hopefully they will delay the Cloud save implementation so I gt a chance to do so with great motivation! :D

  9. It would not change anything, you are going to buy their console and their software. That’s it.
    Nintendo has to do something horrid as the GamePad or a shortage of games to make people skip their consoles. And that’s not going to happen to the Nintendo Switch eventually.
    Before or later though Nintendo must enlarge their game studios, because they can’t offer to next generation portings from the previous one. I’m happy to buy Mario Kart 8 because I skipped previous generation (many skipped, so many will buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), but the Nintendo Switch will be a success and with the next iteration they will not sell that easily software that people already own and played a lot. Someone will pay again this time too for portability. But with the next generation it will be a given.

  10. Can confirm. After 1 week of use and getting pretty far in LoZ:BotW my Swithc began having problems and crashing every 30-60 minutes, losing all game progress since the last save, and getting stuck in error loops for up to several hours at once during which the system was completely unusable. I sent it back to Nintendo for repair or replacement and they sent it back saying they couldn’t find any issues (hah). They did do a system reset though – lost all my Zelda saves. Was exceptionally bummed. Naturally started a new game, and managed to get about 5 hours and about 10 crashes in before I was ready to throw my Switch through the window. Sent it back to the store for a replacement or refund – but there were no Switch systems left, so I got my money back. Now stuck with LoZ:BotW’s LE, the extra hardware I bought for the Switch (HDMI toggle, MicroSD card) and no Switch system – and when I do eventually get a new Switch I’ll need to restart LoZ:BotW YET A-FRIGGIN-GAIN. All because we have no access to our save data. Stupid, stupid, stupid design. :/

    1. Daniel shit happens. This time happened to you, and sure I’m sorry for that. But try to be optimist, a shortage can’t last forever and the next console will be like mine: perfect.
      Sure they have to fix this (the save state) before or later. It’s that annoying.
      Don’t let this put you down. ;)

      1. I know. I’ll probably have to wait until they come out with new bundles before I get another chance to grab a Switch. At least there aren’t too many big games for it just yet. Hopefully I’ll have a new Switch before that happens – preferrably this year still. I know surprisingly few people have had problems with their Switch (broadly speaking) so the chances I’ll get a bum unit twice in a row are too miniscule to worry about. Just gotta hold until then… at least I’ll have Persona 5 to keep me busy for now. Thanks man, appreciate the kind words.

        1. Hopefully by the time you get one, the Joycons will be completely resolved, there will be no narrow docks, system crashes will be resolved, hell, In 1 1/2 years, there will even be an updated unit, when there are more games.

          I’m sure it will all work out. :)

    1. Online features aren’t complete, they said it multiple times. We all know they sorted out the Switch in advance because the Wii U was dead, so let’s just look at the future, I can’t believe they will not fix this, I think it’s not by design but just a feature to come within this summer, like everything else. They want to make us spend money (on online), no?

  11. They ate working on cloud saving, if it doesn’t happen till a few months into the console’s life, it still will barely even be remembered it didn’t have it and all the huffing and puffing in these comments will be for not

    1. Or, people start realizing in time that it’s missing and news outlets get ahold of it and it spreads like wild fire. At the very least it should come with their paid online.

  12. I always wonder, am I seriously the only one who doesn’t care about any of that?
    I mean, how often are cloud savings actually coming in handy? Once in a lifetime?

    I have an Xbox 360 sitting here with the option of cloud savings, I have never used it and never regreted not using it. I actually found it quite strange when I saw this the first time, thinking “Why would I ever need to use that?”

    What needs to come together for this to be kinda important:

    The console needs to be defekt.
    + It needs to be defekt beyond repair (very rarely, at least with Nintendo or at the very very least this SHOULD be very rare in the first place)
    + It needs to be defekt in a way that the savegames can not be extracted at repair anymore (very rarely in general)
    + You actually need to have a savegame you want keep with quite a few hours in. (if I play Zelda and defeted Ganon I am likely done with that savegame, most people would probably only restart at this point anyway, so it is only important for games you are actively playing right now )

    So all of this needs to happen and then you “only” have an inconvinience because you are losing maybe one or two saves of games you were actively playing right now.
    Is that about it? Or am I missing anything important?

    Sure the option of cloud saves would be nice if someone wants it, since it also doesn’t hurt anyone.
    This seems to be blown extremely out of proportion though…

    1. They will have to justify the paid online service, and this will be an important feature for it. Maybe not vital but with everything else it will justify the money they want from customers. Remember that Steam give out this for free.

      1. If Nintendo hides system backup behind a paywall, More reason I’ll continue to move away from them.

        1. Jaded don’t always try to find something bad for justifing your stubborness.
          You know that you did the wrong decision by skipping the Switch. You know it by the happy faces you see around here. lol
          Look: ^_______^

      2. I don’t see how this could justify the paid online service…
        Actually, forcing me to pay and giving me something I don’t care about to repay me makes things worse if anything.

        What they should provide is an online service that works well. I’m not a fan of paying for that, but that is what we pay for in the end, I couldn’t care less about cloud savings. Make the service cheaper intead of wasting ressources that way. (And you know what? From all we heard, Nintendos service is apparently cheaper than the others. So they don’t need to justify things in such a strange way)

        Steam is a bit of a different story. Safes are sometimes lost on computers because of the usuall reinstallations that you might do from time to time, so having safes on the cloud can actually be helpfull here and there.
        It is also possible that you are using multiple computers, with one being mobile for example. In this case cloud savings are, again, useful.
        On consoles, not so much.

        1. It’s important for many. For me definitely. I want backups of my achievements. I don’t want to lose progress because of a lost or broken system.

          1. But that is what I am questioning. How often does that realistically happen?
            If we have a console that tends to break after some years, then we have an entirely different problem. (I know that Playstations tend to do that though. One of the reasons I don’t exactly like them.)

            It’s always possible that you are unlucky and one of your consoles doesn’t survive for very long, but that is not something that should have a high chance of happening.
            That is why I am asking again: How often are these cloud savings really usefull?

            And is losing some savegames now really such a big problem that it is super important for a company to provide an safety measure like that? There is even a chance that servers go down before you actually need them, because none of them is going to be online forever.

            I mean, after all we have heard there is a high chance of the Switch getting cloud savings anyway.
            I still don’t see how that can be something important though.

            1. How often your car make a crash? Aren’t you paying an insurance?
              Before it was all saved in the cartridge. It sould’ve been that way even now, but Nintendo opted for a worse treatment. Cloud it’s the least they can do.
              It’s important, less than you car insurance… but still we want our saves.

              1. Car insurance is important because the damage can be extremly high.
                Exactly that is not the case here.

                And a cartridge isn’t more safe either, since they can break as well.

    2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!} says:

      Better to have cloud saves as backup data & not need it then not have it as backup & need it. Aka better safe than sorry. I’ve had the issue of losing save data with the Wii & Wii U because of Nintendo’s retarded belief that console locked save data is a good thing. The first sign of me possibly having this issue a 3rd time, I’m gone & I’ll wait for when Nintendo grows some brain cells & joins the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One who had cloud saves back in 2014. Hell! Even before 2014 as the PS3 & XB360 had cloud saves long before that!

    1. ||Anyone who thinks that is not a real gamer, only exceptions are world records or unique achievements done…||

        1. ||He is promoting our weapon and degrading any imbecile who thinks that restarting Zelda is a punishment, why should we not agree?…||

            1. ||I have a security program that sounds like this to combat any viruses, besides, my very core is not even machine at all…||

  13. This is one of the reasons I haven’t jumped on the switch bandwagon. Cloud saves are absolutly awesome and the fact they didn’t take advantage of them worries me. There also aren’t many games that interest me currently, I’m sure that will change in a few months. I’ll probably pick one up in a few months when they have a sizable library of games I want to play. I really like the idea of the switch, just not ready to get one right now.

  14. This concerns me because it makes it sounds like the game save data isn’t saved to the game cartridge? Can I get clarification that this is the case?

    For example BOTW only has 1 file, and I would love to play it again but I don’t want to delete my first playthrough. So I plan to either buy a second cartridge or download it from the eshop. Will this mean it’s the same save file attached to my Switch, or to the game cartridge itself? Similar example, I own 2 Pokémon X and Alpha Sapphire games, if they bring the main Pokémon series to the Switch and I happen to love the new game, would I be able to buy 2 of the same and have 2 separate save files?

    1. It’s not.

      Apparently you only get ONE save file, whether you get physical version or the digital version. The only difference is how much GB space have left. Just get the physical version.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!} says:

        The only problem with this is then I have a save file I really like stuck on an account I won’t even keep & only made for the purpose of having a second save file. Honestly, this idea is not a good substitute for having multiple saves on one single account. Hell! Even Witcher 3 & Xenoblade Chronicles have at least 5 save files you can switch between on one single account. Just more of Nintendo taking 2 steps forward but one giant leap back. :/

  15. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Please, Nintendo! Blow me off of the fence at E3 onto your side so I can say the same for Switch, too!} says:

    Cloud saves can’t come soon enough. I hope it’s before the unthinkable happens & my Switch dies & my save data can’t be salvaged. I’ve gotten pretty far in Zelda & I don’t want to have to start all over again because I was forced to from my system fucking up & losing my progress. It’s one thing when I start all over again on my own terms because I’M the one that decided it, not some shitty design flaw that Nintendo will probably deny as some bullshit “design variation” instead!

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