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Video: Abraca: Imagic Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month

Currently only available on Steam, Abraca: Imagic Games will be joining the ever-growing list of Nintendo Switch games very soon. Ankama, the studio behind it, have stated that it will be available in May this year. Ankama have released a trailer for the Switch version that shows some great 2D multiplayer action which pits three players against one other. Your job is to dodge the many traps set by the other three players and to reach the end of the level but if you lose your reign comes to an end and someone else has a go at trying.

Take a look at the video below:


7 thoughts on “Video: Abraca: Imagic Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month”

  1. Never heard of it. Does anyone else see this pattern of obscure games from Steam coming to Switch? They weren’t kidding when they said any game that is on Steam should be on the Switch. Foreshadowing?

    1. This looks far cooler than what I’ve seen from other indies in truth. I hope it will be well received (I hope it will be good as it looks).

    2. The PS4 has been getting steam ports for a couple years now. It’s to the point now where you can almost expect any indie game released on steam to hit PS4 in a year or two following release.

    1. Yea I agree, Definitely a purchase if two ppl can play on a single switch with one joycon each. If not then I’m not so sure I would purchase lol

  2. This looks cool, finally a decent indie. I’m interested in this and would like to pay for it before Smash Bros comes out (they look similar).
    Thumb up.

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