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SEGA Would Love To Do A Physical Release For Sonic Mania

One game that Nintendo Switch owners are no doubt looking forward to this summer is the long-awaited Sonic Mania. As you probably already know the game is only set to be available digitally. However, SEGA’s Product Manager Jim Dyer says that the company would love to do a physical release. It sounds as though they’re taking a wait and see approach to see how well the game does digitally before committing to a physical one.

“We would love to do one. We want the community to know that we are listening, and at SXSW they suggested a lot of interest in us following through with a physical release. But we’re also aware that audience approves of anything Sonic related, so while we are listening and it is something we’d like to do, at this stage we are going to see how it goes.”

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    1. That was my first thought. They go to the effort to make a mini genesis statue yet are so lazy they put a download code inside? Beyond weird.

  1. Well, a physical release on Switch means cartridges, which would make the game even more of a throwback since the first several Sonic games were cartridges on Genesis.

    I’d be down for that.

  2. So, they’re going to hold the physical release hostage and wait to see if it’ll sell well digitally; then if it sells well they’ll do a physical release and make all the suckers pay for it a second time. FUCK YOU SEGA! Release it physically or I do not buy, simple enough for you. Release the fucking game physically within the next 6 months, or I pirate the fuck out of it. Hows that for an ultimatum. You’d “love” to release the game physically would you? Well fucking do it then! You get to choose if I pay for this game or not SEGA. I don’t buy digital, so either release the fucking game, or I pirate. Simple.

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