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US: Nintendo Switch Stock Available This Sunday At Toys R’ Us

If you, like many others, are clambering to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch console it’ll be a good idea to visit your local Toys R’ Us this Sunday April 9th. Doors open at 9am and the new wave of stock is for stores only and won’t be available online. It may be worth giving them a call first as units are bound to fly off the shelves pretty quickly.

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “US: Nintendo Switch Stock Available This Sunday At Toys R’ Us”

  1. Not sure if you guys are aware but last weekend Walmarts Nationwide recieved 10+ Nintendo Switchs’ in stores. I would check brickseek to see if you can find one already instead of waiting for ToysRUs.

  2. Heads Up: Speaking with a Best Buy employee yesterday (who consulted his boss via earpiece), they are expecting a shipment the exact same day.

    Sunday the 9th is likely the next shipment date for every retailer.

  3. I got one from toysrus about two weeks ago on the 25th. Got there a couple hours before opening. Only 10 consoles in stock that day. Get there as early as you can to try and score one.

  4. Okay, this is what causes me to not buy any new console from any retailers until people have one. And that’s where I come in and give a short rant about new shipments selling out like hot cakes…

    If you go into a retailer and purchase one, make sure that you are purchasing ONE! That gives other people, like myself, to purchase ONE, not MULTIPLE systems. And if Nintendo would have enough money to get off their asses and get more shipments, (excuse me for being harsh) then there would be more shipments to last for a few more hours, or months if people are purchasing ONE console. Seriously people, does it hurt to not save other consoles so that other people can get one. I get the feeling that people are purchasing two consoles. Nintendo, please have more (when I say more, I don’t mean 10-15, I mean PLENTY more) shipments by the end of year if not earlier, I would absolutely love to get one sometime soon. And for someone to get murdered or killed over who gets a console, that is just downright dangerous and ridiculous!! That should be against the law and have someone arrested!!! I would like this to STOP!! Can we just respect one another and wait for the next shipment to roll in? I seriously hope that people will understand this.

  5. Finally got my Switch this morning after being on the hunt for a month thanks to your article. I didn’t want to pay a penny over retail to the scalpers on principle and I refused to buy it from Gamestop. Thank you!

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