Nintendo Has Announced 3 New Kirby Games Today

If you have been craving for some new Kirby games, Nintendo is really going to deliver. Three new Kirby games were announced in today’s Nintendo Direct, all of which are coming to 3DS. The announcements were relayed on their official Twitter accounts, and we’ve included the tweets below.. The first is Kirby’s Blowout Blast, which is coming to the 3DS eShop this summer. The second is Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, which is now available in the 3DS eShop. Lastly, a new multiplayer action game starring Kirby is currently in development for the 3DS and will be available in stores later this winter.

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  1. shadowvegeta says:

    That one picture looks like Donkey Kong and Waluigi had a fusion or something. (The picture with the ape holding a hammer)

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    1. lol that’s bonkers and he been and the Kirby series longer than waluigi was created


      1. shadowvegeta says:

        Oh really haha. I didn’t know that haha. Never got into the Kirby series as a kid. Thanks for the info.


  2. it Looks pretty cool to me.


  3. Is it the same as the minigame from Kirby Planet Robobot or is it different?

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    1. It basicly the deluxe there a story line leveling up is better and the are different boss and area to complete


  4. Mike S says:

    Looks like eShop games.

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    1. Agato says:

      Just weak. ^^


  5. tobiyyah says:

    That Kirby game looks rather cool, grab a tissue I may just drool.

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  6. sentinel13 says:

    It’s cool to be getting the 2 remade mini-games like they did for Triple Deluxe, but it’s kind of underwhelming for an anniversary year.

    And a multiplayer focused game? Yeah, that worked out so well for Federation Force and Triforce Heroes. Please be better than those at least.

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  7. Love that pink puff of gooey goodness.

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