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PAYDAY 2 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Nintendo Switch users will soon be able to fetch thermal drills and make helmets fly. Overkill’s PAYDAY 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, according to the latest Nintendo Direct. The news was relayed on Twitter, so we included that down below. Bain awaits you…



      1. I think his point was that people thought that the Switch couldn’t get western 3rd party mature games. Snake Pass being on the Switch and running the latest version of UE4 has already proven that the Switch isn’t as underpowered as some people may think

      2. Thank you for being the only smart person in this chat. I’m suppose to think Nintendo is great to bring over a game that is an almost 4 year old game. All the games I’m seeing on the Switch are looking like ports every single time. Shove Knight, Skyrim, Rayman, Lego Undercover… I can pay 200 for a PS4 or even 150 for an Xbox 1 and get these games for 15 to 20 dollars instead of repaying 60 for it when it releases on switch. Nintendo is starting to piss me off

        1. What the fuck do you think Nintendo is pissing you off? You’re overhyping it on purpose! Secondly, you’re ignoring the fact that most of the games from third party developers aren’t on Nintendo systems (Wii and Wii U). You think it’s fair not to have third party games on the Nintendo Switch? Something’s wrong with you. Port or no port, we demand to have games on the Nintendo Switch regardless of party involved.

          Next time, lower your expectations before you make a complete ass of yourself!

          1. If it missed Wii and Wii u, chances are I either all ready played it or didn’t want to play it. Why waste time porting an old game over instead of a brand new game? That’s a waste and why it’s a piss over. I’m just getting port this and port that. Nothing new is coming until the sports game hit. No recently new games are hitting switch and it sounds like it’s because the system can’t handle it.

              1. Are you blind. Last good system to sell for Nintendo outside the Wii was the first NES system. Numbers don’t lie, and NES sold systems, but they saw a drop in sales with the SNES, N64, and GameCube. Each system cycle was a decrease in sales both software and hardware. Wii changed that, but Wii u didn’t. Gameboy sold high as a handheld and then it was decline all over again with the pocket, color, and Gameboy advance. Only good sell after was the DS. The 3DS is 5 years old and it’s barely close to where the Gameboy was. Nintendo brought out the virtual boy. Did you forget that? One mistake? Try, googling PlayStation, because last time I checked, Nintendo created them and they are dominating in sales. Biggest mistake was making their competition

    1. I dunno, it still has over 20k daily players on steam. I wouldn’t say the hype is dead, but they definitely need to do something to make it slightly more attractive for people who already own it or were waiting for it to get even cheaper during a steam sale.

      1. I know the hype’s not dead but it’s just that the game most likely won’t sell well on the switch in less it’s dirt cheap. The game also isn’t anything that’s gonna make people want to buy a switch and the console already lacks those types of games

      1. Source? All I can find from Overkill and Starbreeze is that it’s in development. There’s no mention of DLC in their press releases, or any articles from gaming news sites I’ve been reading through. Didn’t mention it in the teaser either, just that there’d be lots of content available on the switch. It also wasn’t explicitly titled GOTY edition either like the DLC inclusive copy you can purchase on steam.

  1. Yeah, the game is fun with friends. Would be great if they added split-screen co-op, but 4-player split-screen would probably not work that great.

  2. This game coming to the Switch was a huge surprise because of its mature them. Even though I have a PC I never got around to playing PD2 but I will once it gets released on the Switch. Maybe this announcement will be the start of more mature themed western 3rd party games coming to the Switch

  3. This honestly surprised me. Let’s hope for more mature third part games to come to Switch and end this perception of the weak kiddie systems

  4. This is pretty cool, and it’s something I never expected; but this is the same situation as with Skyrim. The average gamer who looks at this is just gonna see another old game being ported to Switch, regardless of the fact that it also just got ported to X1 and PS4. We still haven’t seen anything to prove that the Switch will get current AAA 3rd party games.

    Still, this is good. This, in addition to Skyrim, shows that there’s room for an M-rated library on Switch.

  5. Well this came out of nowhere. I didn’t catch the direct and don’t really have time now but does it have local co-op in handheld mode? That could be fun. Is this game fun? Idk.

    I’ll tell you all one thing though: GTA 5 with on the go local co-op would sell millions. That game still sells really well after all this time. Probably the one “old port” besides Skyrim that could persuade some people to get a Switch.


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