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SuperData: Nintendo Has Sold 2.4 Million Switch Units In First Month

Data research firm SuperData have been hard at work tallying up Nintendo Switch sales. The company says Nintendo has sold an estimated 2.4 million Nintendo Switch units during the system’s first month on sale worldwide. Because of this SuperData now believes that Nintendo will sell 7.2 million Nintendo Switch consoles in 2017.



    1. The Wii U had sold a little over 3 million units by the 31st of December 2012, about a month after its release. Sure, that was during the holiday season, but 2,4 million still isn’t a very reassuring figure. It’s surprisingly low, in my opinion.

            1. CORRECTION: Still, 2,4 million in a non holiday period is very promising not surprisingly low as you say.

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                    1. hahahaha you just called me champ, how adult and “big boy” of you! My asinine reaction images were the perfect response to such a ridiculous person such as yourself! And let’s not forget, you totally admitted to making ridiculous comments in your above response. How does that make you feel, internet champion?

      1. I’m not sure what you’ve been smoking if you think that 2.4 million in March isn’t very reassuring?!? By Dec. 31th 2012 the Wii U had been on the market for 44 days in the US, 33 days in Mexico, 32 days in EU/AUS and 24 days in Japan. That’s vs. 29 days for the Switch…which was sold out everywhere and in MARCH!!! Systems tend to sell a solid 400% more during the holiday season.

        You’re a very glass the is half empty kind of person.

        1. My point is that it’s hard to make conclusions, since it’s a pretty special situation with the console having released in March and Nintendo not being properly prepared to meet demand. If it reassures you, then good for you, but neither of us knows just how well this bodes for the Switch, so take it down a notch. Also, I’d just like to point out that the guy with “Amsterdam” in his name is asking me what I’ve been smoking.

        2. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t remember it was a staggered release. I think if he had other numbers for other consoles he might think differently. It’s early to say anything other than Switch had a great month for Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft should be happy about it too. I may show that you don’t need holidays to launch a great product.

      2. You’re not very good at this. Nintendo was hoping to sell 2 million consoles worldwide by the end of the financial year. Which means they’ve sold roughly .5 million more than they were aiming for. Don’t talk about these things if you don’t understand the basics.

        1. Good at what? Stating opinions? What a company said they hoped to make after a failed console and risking to drop out of the console market altogether doesn’t necessarily meet my own hopes for the console.

            1. Not console market altogether, sure, but I doubt they would’ve stayed in the home console market if the Switch turned out to be another flop. They’d be fools not to keep their expectations low. Who knows, maybe they’re still planning on leaving the home console market, and the Switch is their way to ease us into the change.

              1. I understand what you were saying in your comment above, and I can see where you’re coming from, but I have to disagree with your assessment. I don’t think you put enough importance on the fact that Wii U launched during the busiest shopping season of the year. The launches are also a bit hard to compare due to the Wii U launching at different dates. If you wanted a more accurate comparison, you’d have to add like 12 more days of U.S. Switch sales to the 2.4 mil.

                Also, suggesting that Nintendo is anywhere near exiting the home console business, or is even remotely close to considering the idea is pretty ridiculous. The Wii U is their only main console that was a financial failure. They’ve posted an annual loss only twice in their 36 years in the gaming industry. What motivation would they possibly have for leaving? Even if the Switch fails, they’re far from dropping out. This is another area that you didn’t seem to consider. The Switch is selling at a profit, while the Wii U sold at a loss.

                Honestly, it’s way to early to tell. No one can possibly predict the Switch’s future accurately right now. I personally think that an estimate of 7.2 mil for 2017 is quite low. I think it can do at least 10; but there’s not enough evidence to guarentee it. This thing can potentially fail just as easily as it can become an enormous success.

                1. You miss the important factor of Switch launching with a wiiU port. Those who want the Switch got one. Sales will bump at Xmas because of Mario but Mario doesn’t sell consoles anymore as we saw with wiiU. Even Mario Run is only getting a 5% adoption rate. If they announce Metroid 4 at E3 then they will sell 7 million. Otherwise, and this is all just my opinion, Nintendo will have to release a new home console that actually competes with PS4.

                  1. Well system sellers for Nintendo (by franchise):
                    1. Super Mario
                    2. Smash bros
                    3. Splatoon
                    4. Mario Kart
                    5. The Legend of Zelda
                    6. Metroid
                    7. Pokémon
                    None of these are in any order (don’t underestimate any of these franchises).

                  2. I’m confused as to what you’re trying to say. Your comment doesn’t seem to follow any logical thought process.

                    1) Are you referring to Zelda as the Wii U port? What exactly did I miss about that? What does that have to do with anything? Does it change the fact that Zelda is a massive system seller or the fastest selling Nintendo launch title of all time?

                    2) No. Not everyone who wants a Switch got one. I think that’s pretty apparent by the fact that Switch’s fly of the shelves every time stock is updated and the fact that Zelda sold more Switch copies than hardware units.

                    3) How can you possibly determine the success of a 3D console Mario title based on the performance of Mario Run? The two situations surrounding Run and Odyssey are so completely different that there is absolutely no logical or informative comparison to be made. Also, Wii U did not get a 3D Mario adventure title, so you can’t make any comparison on that front either.

                    4) Are you saying that if Nintendo doesn’t announce Metroid at E3, then that’s it? The Switch is doomed to fail? They’ll have to release a whole new console based on that one condition?

              2. Also, the Wii U was considered to be a very successful launch, even during the holidays. So the fact that the Switch out performed one of Nintendo strongest console launches ever (Wii U) during March is extremely impressive….

                In my opinion.

        1. No, I’m not. Only in the US had it been out for 44 days. It had been out for around 30 days in other regions.

          1. Good point. When was the other regions released? I only remember November 12 release date.

      3. The Wii U launched in early November. That means the Wii U sold 3 million consoles in 60 days, not 30. The Switch has sold 2.5 – 3.0 million in 30 days… during march.. If you really want an accurate comparison,… The Wii U sold 890k in its first month in the US during the holidays. The Switch sold 906k consoles in its first month in the US in March… Why you think those numbers are low is beyond me..

        Nintendo has already confirmed the Switch as the fastest selling console in Nintendo history.

  1. ||Good, 20% more than estimated, The First Order must increase it to 30% now…||

    1. ||We had increased shipments by 35% after the first week, doubled our production since then, possibly tripled it by now and will ship stock at regular intervals…||

  2. This really awesome especially not being sold during the holiday season (when consoles are more often bought ). So this is impressive.

  3. This really awesome especially not being sold during the holiday season (when consoles are more often bought ). So this is impressive for the Nintendo Switch!

  4. Incredibly strong start for the console. I think 7.2 million is a conservative estimate for how many this would sell – with the continued demand for the console, major releases, holiday season to come etc. I’m going to predict 10 million by the end of the year.

  5. Really promising numbers. They’ve sold more than they were aiming for. They’ve also managed to stay sold out even after increasing the production rate. The Switch is having an extremely positive start. It’s even more impressive that they’re seeing numbers like this with a March release date. I’m curious to see how it’ll do during the holiday season.

  6. Considering all the great looking games that are coming out before and during the holiday season and the fact the console is doing so well with the few titles it has at the moment, this is very promising in my opinion.

  7. fact it will hit DS numbers nothing promising about it

    i wouldnt sink my savings account into nintendo stock if i was wrong like i did in 2005 the rest is history


  8. And I was correct lol……The Switch sales have been nothing short of amazing thus far. If the Switch sold this well with a bare bones launch lineup just imagine what’s gonna happen once the other ” big guns ” come. Congrats Nintendo on your early success with the Switch now you have to do to sustain this momentum is keep the games flowing

    1. I agree with you to the very fullest, Paid. By the time Nintendo launches Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and ARMS this month, Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (25th anniversary of SFII on Super NES) this May, Splatoon 2 this June, and Super Mario Odyssey this Holiday season, the Nintendo Switch will continue to be the fastest selling home gaming platform on the planet. BTW, third party support from Square Enix, Ubisoft, and SEGA will bring more titles to the Switch in the future.

  9. With sales like these, Nintendo are well positioned for a powerful holiday period. It’s going to be one of those rare times when a game console will experience summer and winter in its launch year.

  10. You guys didn’t mention the fact that Zelda has above 100% console attach rate. Pretty much every single Switch owner has Zelda plus more for collecting purposes

    1. Im fairly certain most of the excess zelda games are from people that bought the game and dont have the console yet.

      Sure there are collectors but i cant imagine them being that many

    1. You need to wait at least another year to make a statement like that l. I’m not saying it’s going to fail but saying it’s not a flip after just over a month sounds very fanboyish.

      1. Dude other fanboys/ Nintendo haters are always saying “Nintendo Switch will flop” and also “Nintendo Switch is DOA”.

  11. Very good, and very impressive. Let’s see if this momentum continues.

    As long as we are on the topic of Switch, shall I leave my friend code here? (Seriously though, damn this archaic method of adding people)


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