Amiibo Nintendo Switch

A Closer Look At The Splatoon 2 Amiibo

Like its predecessor before it, Splatoon 2 is releasing alongside a new series of amiibo. While they were announced at the recent Nintendo Direct, we didn’t really get a good look at all of their tiny details. Luckily, the Splatoon Twitter account has just released some gorgeous shots of all three figures. Check out the pictures below.





  1. I want to get these, I just think my wallet will be hemorrhaging enough this summer between Splatoon 2 itself, Arms, Yooka-Laylee, and possibly that 3DS Pikmin. I’ll have to see if the original Splatoon amiibo can unlock the same stuff these new ones can.

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  2. Between the detailing of paintjobs, the complexity of the moulds, the unique bases and the eye-popping colours, the amiibos for both Splatoon games still some of the best amiibos to date.


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