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Dragon Quest X Players On Wii Can Upgrade To Nintendo Switch For Free

Dragon Quest X players who own the game on Wii will be able to upgrade to the upcoming Nintendo Switch port at no additional cost. This is primarily because of Square Enix’s decision to discontinue support for the original Wii version, which is ending service later this year. In addition to Wii, Dragon Quest X is also currently available on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC and mobile devices in Japan.


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  1. Huh? This seems really odd, I’m sure I’m missing something but I guess there’s some online aspects to it? I only say that because what else would need supporting?

    1. Yes Dragon Quest X is a MOM (Massive Multiplayer Online) spin off in the Dragon Quest series. It can only be played online and require a monthly subscription fee.

    2. Yes Dragon Quest X is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) spin off in the Dragon Quest series. It can only be played online and requires a monthly subscription fee.

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    1. Everything was exciting until this


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      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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    2. That was all the biggest bullshit.

      The hardcore community is silent? I’ve probably got enough gaming cred to be considered hardcore. And I’ll open up about the switch. Nintendo hasn’t learned from any of their mistakes. But they have made a lot of new ones. Usually no games was par for the course for a nintendo console, but at least you could rely on Nintendo for good build quality. Only now all you hear about is Nintendo Switch defects and damages.

      And back to the games, what the fuck should I play? I don’t love zelda. I haven’t played all the other ones to completion, and I’m a completionist so I have no chance of getting to this zelda for years and years now… so if I can’t play that, what exactly do I play? Bomberman is about the only thing that is interesting and playable on the system right now, and what exactly does it offer that Bomberman Live didn’t offer 10 years ago for 20 bucks? So why are they charging 60?

      And where is the Virtual Console anyway? WHy would I want to buy another game console, when I can’t even play my virtual console games on it. At least the WiiU gave me a good discount on my virtual console games. Is Switch gonna do that? Who knows? Virtual Console doesn’t even fucking exist anymore. All Nintendo did was drop their big fat dick in your hand and the choice to blow it was all yours and yours alone. The fact that you’re proud and raising a sword in defence of this rubbish device that is supposed to be a handhald gaming machine but only had a 3 hour battery life and 400 dollar price tag is particularly sad and I don’t know why I’m bothering to argue with you because you will not understand a word that comes out of my mouth. Waa Waa Waa.

      As it is now, I’ve yet to see a single good thing about the Switch except that it’s selling well and Zelda is good (But also on WiiU). And all your bullshit about if hardcore gamers don’t like it then it won’t sell… well sorry to tell you this but there are more casual gamers in the world than hardcore gamers. Also sorry to tell you this, but Nostalgia is a very real blinding force in our society right now, becoming stronger and stronger as the world around us goes to shit. Nintendo is the king of nostalgia. All the hipsters come running. I think I stopped reading your spew half way through, so if I missed a dumb point of yours, sorry but you suck.

      1. Damage control can cause dangerous signs of cancer. Nintendo is saving up all their energy for this June’s E3 event. PayDay 2 is one of them coming to the Switch. And there will be more third party games for the Switch that they will be revealed in a couple of months. You really need to be more fucking patience instead of overhyping bullshit, Andy.

  3. It’s funny how you can do that for this game, but not for Mario Kart 8, and for all we know, Super Smash Bros. for Switch.

    1. In this case, the money comes mostly from monthly fees, so more people being able to play means more money. In the case of MK8, the money comes from sales of the actual game.

    2. The reason they are doing it for this game is because they are shutting down the service on Wii and Dragon Quest X is a MMO which means SquareEnix doesn’t really make their money on the sale of the game but rather on the monthly subscription fee players pay to play the game.

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