Bandai Namco Just Filed Trademark For ‘PAC-MAN Maker’

Eagled-eyed NeoGAF member, FelipeMGM, today spotted Bandai Namco filing a trademark for ‘PAC-MAN Maker’ on the EUIPO database. EUIPO control trademarks in the European Union and unfortunately there’s no other information other than a name for now but it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

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    1. While not as large as Mario, PacMan was it’s own phenomenon in the 80’s. There were long lines of people waiting to play it. It was unique in that it had a sizable female fanbase, which was unheard of at the time. It wont be as popular as Mario Maker, but I can see it doing really well with people who remember when it was new.

          1. Doesn’t matter. You don’t tell other users to “shut up” over expressing an opinion. We’ve been over this countless times, and you never learn, ya lunatic.

    1. Trying to copyright the word “maker” is like trying to copyright the words “crush” and “saga”- no one would be stupid enough to try claiming those words.

      …oh wait.

  1. Sounds fun but then again I didn’t like Mario Maker as too many people were interested in making the hardest levels possible which isn’t fun for me to try to play.

  2. A Pac-Man game where you make your own maps. Well it’s better then the original game where you play the same map over and over again. That and cut scenes are why I prefer Ms. Pac-Man.

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