Nintendo Switch

Here’s Some Details For Minecraft On Nintendo Switch

As promised Minecraft: Switch Edition was showcased today and new information was disclosed about the Nintendo Switch version of the popular video game. A number of NeoGAF users tuned into the stream which was meant to be direct feed but instead was off-screen footage from the Nintendo Switch. Minecraft: Switch edition is 60fps and world sizes are roughly 3.5x as big as the Wii U version but not quite as big as Minecraft on PlayStation 4.

  • Wii U to Switch world transfers is something they are working on but not at launch
  • Switch has been very easy to work with
  • 60fps
  • When it releases it will be on par on the January update and will be quickly caught up to the other versions after release.




    1. Funny thing is, Microsoft are also helping out so basically at Microsoft’s studios, they have Switch dev kits as well as Xbox One and Scorpio Dev kits XD

      Seeing how Mojang is a Microsoft owned Company now, but it’s really amazing to see Microsoft, Mojang and Nintendo work together to port this game to the Nintendo Switch

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      1. Well, if we analyze how poor are the sales of the Xbox system in Japan, maybe the best move for Microsoft is to promote their own games in another platform… Just maybe, but it is only my opinion.


    1. What if you have a physical copy of MC Wii U Edition and you trade it for the Switch “upgrade”? That’s what I’m considering doing (well, trading after I transfer my worlds once that becomes a thing, which… requires me to get the Switch version before trading… so trade value for something later, I guess?).

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  1. I think I’ll stick to my PC version of Minecraft. The world size is infinity bigger, and we are first to get new content. Like the upcoming parrots. Plus I just prefer keyboard and mouse controls.


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