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Team Behind Mr. Shifty Apologises For “Even Zelda Stutters” Remark

Nintendo Switch eShop title Mr. Shifty has, as we’ve previously reported, been subject to some unfortunate frame rate issues. On Twitter, the team behind the title, made a remark that upset some fans by saying “even Zelda stutters” and they recommended that the Twitter user download the title on Steam. Now TinyBuild and Team Shifty have apologised via a Reddit AMA session.

“I’m just very sorry that the stress on everyone involved created this situation. Some things were said that shouldn’t have been, and we didn’t do a good job with communicating here. I hope this post brings some context to what’s going on.”

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    1. calm down, they were a little stressed over the whole situation and said something kinda stupid, it happens to the best of us.

      1. What was stupid about the comment though? He said truth and that’s why people felt butthurt. Zelda does shutter, and guess what? It still does even after the patches. Go to the LostWoods and see the issues take place.

        1. in my opinion it wasn’t that bad but he did imply that its the switches fault that its having these problems, the switch is well powerful enough to handle mr. shifty. zelda shudders because it was rushed

          1. Stop! Please, stop. How was Zelda​ rushed? It was pushed back mad times. And Zelda was a Wii U game ported over to the Switch. The game stutters on the Wii U as well. Wii U is weak and Switch is weak. See a pattern here? And it is the Switches fault because they just said the Switch is not even as strong as the X1. So it’s Weak.

            1. remember those rumors that zelda was going to be pushed back to summer. Nintendo is normally on top of glitches and bugs but this one just “slipped on by”. give me a break, nintendo wanted to push it back but didnt want fan backlash and wanted a strong launch game so they stook to march. if the switch and wii u were so under powered why are they still releasing patches if they apparently pushed the game to its limits, its becuase they never took the time to take out the bugs. Honestly i never noticed much of the fps drop but it was rushed, at least somewhat

              1. And they could have pushed the Switch back too. But it’s funny how Zelda isn’t the only have that lags. It’s almost the entire Switch game list. But, yes, it makes sense to say a 3 year game that got pushed back to about 5 years was rushed. Yes, that makes the most sense despite even old ass ports like Lego Undercover, now on the switch, is laggy as hell. I guess they rushed that game along with others.

              2. And just an FYI, Zelda’s frame rate is trash. Go to the lost woods and tell me you don’t see drops. I’ve had the game freeze for 3 seconds and start again in mid combat. The game lags still after patches. I just notice it’s a switch thing and not so much a wii u. Sounds like a Switch issue.

            2. Zelda was not optimized for Switch. Some of the minor enhancements both graphically and performance-wise are a result of the Switch’s more powerful hardware, but naturally the majority of the issues with the game are inherited from it’s roots as a Wii U title, not through any fault of the Switch hardware. The game was developed for Wii U, not Switch, and ported later to Switch. Being as strong as X1 or any other console has nothing to do with it. It happens all the time. Look to remasters for newer more powerful consoles that still have the flaws present in their programming that existed on their original platforms.

              1. Don’t see flaws from Tomb Rider Definitive edition, Uncharted Collection, Halo Master Chef collection, Kingdom Hearts PS4 remasters, Gravity Rush… I can make a list for a while. The game being made on the Wii U, then they cut development on the Wii U and pushed the game to Switch. The game was developed more for Switch in the end than Wii U, and seems like a switch issue if it’s running like shit on there.

                1. Don’t see the flaws in TLOZ: TP HD, either, and that’s not the point, None of those Remasters were built for the console they ended up on either. They were all prettier versions of the same game that didn’t dramatically change the game itself, and if any bugs were inherent in the originals they weren’t always ironed out for the rereleases, or were in later patches. I could name ones that did still have issues like Bioshock Remastered and Skyrim special edition; and halo master chief collection? Bad example. Remember these issues? Point is that the parity between the two exists because of the limitations of the Wii U version.

                  1. Still doesn’t mean you can use a more powerful system and port a game with almost the same graphics and specs to the system without lag. Nintendo said the switch version is better and that’s a total lie. Still glitchy after the patch

        2. It doesn’t fucking matter that Zelda stutters there’s no denying it has some problems. The problem is these shitheads hiding behind this game as an excuse for their shitty programming. They could’ve used any game as an example and they still would look like complete shitheads so its not about being a fanboy. This fucking attitude of “hey their game has problems so we can get away with it too” brings these shitty unfinished games like mass effect and is making it seem ok to the industry to release betas to people and charging them 60 dollars for it.

  1. The comment on Zelda was very unprofessional. I will wait now until the game is patched before I buy. I know it’s hard for small teams and indie developers optimizing every game for different systems and the community is very outregous around technical specs these days, but as a dev you need to stay above those scumbags in the community.

  2. I tend to say that when someone says something the 1st time thats usually what they meant to say and when they apologize afterwards or change their stance thats usually a suck up response and inside they still mean what they said.

    1. They said ‘even zelda stutters’ so they never said it like shifty would be superior or anything. It’s like painting something, then suffering to paint it and say something like ‘even picasso had his blackouts’.

      ppl getting pissed about this is just way more a reason to bury your head behind facepalms.

  3. I can’t see why making this joke would cause anyone ‘stress’. It’s basically a bunch of fanboys over reacting. Despite that these fanboys usually vote with their wallets so they should be apologising to their investors for making such a stupid mistake!

  4. Stupid fanboys. Their statement is true. No apologies was necessary. I fucking hate fanboys.

    1. BoTW is a huge open world game with lots of features, and a lot of grass and trees that make the game stutter occasionally. Meanwhile, Mr. Shifty is top down, isn’t open world, and was made by less people. The Shifty Team are comparing a game that is more intense for the system to run to a game that isn’t as hard to run. Yet Mr. Shifty lags.

  5. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    Nintendo fanboys do something similar when you mention the flaws of a Nintendo game & they mention how other games have flaws, too. As if it changes anything. Regardless, you ALL suck for doing it.

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

      Anyway, fanboys getting pissy about this makes me smile because now they know how some of us feel when we voice our issues with our game & they pull this bullshit. lol

  6. It was said in an unprofessional manner, but Zelda does have a few probs but team shifty shouldn’t of said it, what they needed to do was make sure that Mr shifty was perfect before giving us Switch users subpar game with patches later on and when it comes to ps4 and xbone it’ll be perfect :/

  7. Well they’re not *wrong* but that definitely could have been said better. Zelda definitely hasn’t had all of its kinks ironed out when it comes to frame rate (just set off a chain of explosions like bomb barrels if you want proof), but BotW is an absolutely massive game, giving it valid reason to hiccup from time to time. Shifty doesn’t look like it even comes close to that.

  8. While the statement was technically correct, seems kind of shifty (heh) to kind of push focus away from the real issue here which is bad optimisation. Both games are fantastic even with minor frame issues

  9. Eh, I mean Zelda does have issues still (though they have improved remarkably) with frames, but it did seem like a bit of a scapegoat to say this. Nonetheless, not that big a deal they did.

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