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Mr. Shifty On Nintendo Switch Suffering From Severe Frame Rate Issues, Patch On The Way

Mr. Shifty has made its debut but not without some issues. Players have reported that, at points, the frame rate is very poor – especially towards the final levels of the game where it supposedly becomes unbearable. It would seem that the studio behind the title, TinyBuild, have listened and a patch is on the way to rectify the issue.

TinyBuild had this to say:

“We were able to fix the frame rate issues on PC, it will take longer time to fix this on Switch since it’s different coding.”

“We will try to get this fixed ASAP, definitely before the game gets released on PS4 and Xbox One in several weeks!”



  1. Oh yes I can’t wait the game is awesome really and the frame rate drops is really holding it back a little. I’m glad Team Shifty is recognizing it

    1. Not everything is made by hardware specs. Nearly every game has hundreds of big issues on every PC before it’s polished enough to be released. Or it’s considered as a bad port, while the PC was even the Lead platform. Right now it’s not a perfect Switch port of a small dev team. So let them fix their stuff.

    2. what does bad code have to do with switch hardware did you read the pc version also ran like shit

      yes switch is so weak its runing games with 10 x the graphics of this game at 1080p 60 fps

      1. Like dragon quest heroes 2 that runs on switch 20fps? let me guess bad port
        OR like Botw that runs 900p 20fps also? Let me guess again bad code port or what ever?
        Enjoy Puyo Puyo Tetris at 1080p 60fps :)

        1. they fixed the botw framerate a few weeks ago with a patch, if you’re gonna troll without even getting your facts straight at least try to get creative. come on thanos burn this motherfucker to the ground!

    3. So I guess you completely ignored the part where he said that they also had frame rate issues on the PC. By your logic a PC is weak. God you’re so fucking stupid

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