Pocket Rumble Developer Explains Why They Were So Keen To Bring Their Game To The Switch


Announced for the Switch in an indie-focused presentation, Pocket Rumble is an arcade fighter based on classic Neo Geo Pocket titles. In an interview with Nintendo UK, the developers talked about why they decided to bring the game to the Switch. According to them, Pocket Rumble didn’t start development as a Switch game. It was the console’s unique portable multiplayer that attracted the team to the system. Check out their comments below.

Pocket Rumble has potential to be a great local multiplayer game. How important is it to you that Nintendo Switch will allow two players to fight not just on a TV screen but outside in tabletop mode?
Right, that’s exactly why we need to be on Nintendo Switch! This is the first time a handheld has really had the feel of playing on one console in local multiplayer. It’s perfect. We didn’t know anything about the Nintendo Switch when we were first designing the game but as soon as we heard about its capabilities we were like “this is perfect, this is exactly what we need to be on. This is a local, multiplayer, portable console and here we have this very important local multiplayer game that’s focussed on portability.” So it was a perfect fit!



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  1. mode7superfx says:

    Great!….More ammunition for the Switch in these cold console wars….🔫

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  2. RidleySlayer says:

    P2. Something that sets the Switch apart from other consoles, and one of its best features: it offers a local two-player experience right out of the box. Has any other home console done that as a standard feature? The Famicom did, I guess. Did the NES?

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    1. Yeah i belive the NES did as well.
      Back when i got a NES way back when it had 2 controllers and super mario brothers and duck hunt.. so i would say yes to that last question.

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      1. LMAOSHMSFO says:



  3. LMAOSHMSFO says:

    This game looks amazing, I’m really impressed that they used a neo geo pocket color chip for the music, I can’t wait to get this and I hope it comes out soon!

    I love how The Switch is becoming a mini neo geo arcade that you can take on the go!

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  4. ??? says:

    Great! I just want a release date on this though. I have nothing to play and i want this :(


  5. This weapon looks great in videos. I hope it is forged correctly.


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