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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Has Scored 94 On Metacritic

Anyone that has played the original Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U will know that it is an exceptionally good game so it comes as no surprise to see that the game currently sits at 94 on Metacritic. The critics obviously loved it and we awarded the game a solid 9/10 in our review which was published earlier. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is due to be released on April 28th in North America and Europe on the Nintendo Switch.


      1. That’s fair. If you host a lot of local game nights, though, then this is more than worth full price in my opinion. They went above and beyond for what sounds like the best Battle Mode the MK series has ever seen. All they had to do was add battle arenas to the original and that would have fixed the lackluster Battle Mode, but they gave us so much more. I, personally, don’t play online, but I will definitely be utilizing local races and battles to the fullest.

  1. I don’t think anyone has doubts about the game itself. It’s been improved over the original MK 8. In fact, one of the original game’s worst features (battle mode), has been turned around into a solid experience. It’s just those that have it already on Wii U and paid for all the dlc. If I didn’t have it on Wii U, yeah it would be no question.

  2. It’s getting significantly better scores than the original. That usually doesn’t happen with remakes and re-releases. Nintendo must’ve made quite a few improvements.

    1. Well let’s look at the improvements shall we

      native 1080p 60fps – check
      new ” smart steering ” feature – check
      The ability to double stack multiple items returning – check
      new power boosts – check
      More additional characters – check
      portability option – check
      Finally the option everyone has been waiting for….A revamped Battle Mode – double check

      Yeah I would say Nintendo made the Mario Kart 8 experience even better this time around ;)

      1. I think it basically prevents you from falling off the edge. I’m turning it off, seems cheap to me. Great idea for little kids learning to play for the first time though. It’s like training wheels lol

      2. It gently steer for you to avoid accidents. At 50cc works very good, if it’s still very good at 150cc eventually it’s just cheating. ^^

      3. I am sure haters will destroy the game becase the smart steering (an optional feature)

    2. They created possibly the greatest Battle Mode in the MK series after the original had a pretty bad one. That’s probably the big boost in scores, as it was pretty much considered to be the best entry had its Battle Mode been good.

  3. This is because Kids make the reviews thats why mk8 got good high scores..or are you people telling me adults playing this game? i dont eat that shit also that game i bet i trash and boring RIP Switch 2017-2017!!!!!!!!

    1. Lets see on e3 Kidendo what kind of old ports for Kids will bring also is this thing still not a flop? is this thing still alive? still selling? wow impressive

      1. mk8 hiighest scoring and selling racer of gen 8 destroying every race game on pc ps4 and xbox

        now its even better in gen 9 on switch

    2. I’m pretty sure everyone commenting on gaming blogs about this game are in their 20s and 30s. MK8’s mechanics are deep enough to be played by anyone. Also, I’m sure a majority of the 7 million units that the original sold were bought by adults.

      1. Adualts playing that game? give me a break and these 7.35 millions were bought by adults because all these adults bought that game for there kids…because you cant go outside and buy stuff alone :)

      2. Yeah, ‘adualts’ only play games like CoD and you never run into kids and immature pricks while playing ‘adualts’ games online…oh, wait!

        Yes, kids don’t buy those games, some irresponsible parents buy such games (FPS, for example) to their kids and worst part is that they do it only to get rid of them.

        Looks like this site has found its new Sasori, i wonder why the commander has not kicked your ass out of here.

      3. Exactly, i hate that some guys here force the people to leave Nintendo, if you are going to criticize something at least you should be careful and use constructive criticism.

        I hate the ‘i hate Nintendo and so you have to too’ attitude, at least if for example i saw something that made me feel bad about whichever company i should leave the others to discover it the same way i did instead of trying to force my point of view and hate (or love). At least obinna learned the lesson and left for good.

      4. Time to call the lesbian army, Nintendo is my blood reborn, stranga (unless he’s still a rogue), snowman, heyit’sguy and the others



    3. Only kids and teens think that games like Uncharted, Gears of War or Doom are more mature than a game like Mario Kart. No offense but your comment sounds very childish too.

      1. Anyone who needs a style of video game as a characteristic for a more masculine identity is a child, regardless of their age. Video games are meant to be fun for anyone, not to be mature, realistic, or dark (which is all irrelevant if a game sucks).

  4. It scored a 9.3 on IGN.

    IGN is pretty much the “establishment” of video games.

    If the video game industry had a deep state it would be IGN.

    All and all I am glad that this title got rid of the controversial firehopping.

      1. Really? IGN usually have very good reasons for their reviews.. . They are my standard. However, recently, they’ve been sorely lacking game news. All I read about is Dark Soul, Overwatch and Injustice 2… It’s becoming a bit meh

      2. You sure? Ain’t they the ones who said in their review of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire that the game had “too much water” (despite the fact that it’s a coastal/island region where water is logically everywhere, not to mention that didn’t seem to be much of a problem in the original games) and gave it a 7.2?

      3. Smaller review sites generally have more substantial and constructive reviews. It’s similar to sports blogs; you’ll get much better news and analyses on your favorite team’s blogs (e.g. SB Nation) than on ESPN or Yahoo! Sports as it’s run by fans, as the latter two will tell me my team signed X player or X player tweeted something absurd (great!).

      4. As in politics there are conspiracy theorists in the video game community who think IGN can be bought.

        Keep in mind that Mass Effect was in the 7’s and the newest Mario Sports title for the 3ds which would help keep the 3ds relevant had an abysmal score as well.

        You’d think those titles would be scored higher by a quid pro quo

      5. Lol at calling me a conspiracy theorist. Just because they grade some bad games poorly, doesn’t mean they don’t receive money. They’d look ridiculous if they game ME:A a high score with all of the negative sentiment around it leading up to its launch.

        Also, the 3DS is plenty relevant and most definitely has a stronger 2017 lineup than the Xbox One, which somehow manages to stay relevant.

  5. Have to use your phone to communicate with friends.
    No way to invite players to join matches.
    No voice chat during races..

    Only ret@rds would pay for online on the switch.



      1. I’ve been visiting this site since before the wii u released. Get outta here you stupid little peasant. Did you know aleous or jellybean that used to visit this site? prolly not. you’re just some irrelevant newbee who ships nintendo.

  6. This would be an example of why I don’t agree to game reviews. With the portable option and the battle mode I would give this a 4/10 at most.

      1. Not Deluxe if you consider it as a full price game, no. Mario Kart 8 is easily the best in the series, but paying $60 for the amount of new content Deluxe offers is definitely not worth it.

      2. Let’s see… It is not full price, they are giving you a 60 dlls game;
        + the 20 dlls DLC content
        + 2 new characters
        + a Battle Mode that actually was remade (old one was horrible and lazy)
        + upgraded graphics…

        Not sure why exactly you feel rip off.

      3. Let’s see… It is not full price, they are giving you a 60 dlls game;
        + the 20 dlls DLC content
        + 2 new characters
        + a Battle Mode that actually was remade (old one was horrible and lazy)
        + upgraded graphics…

        Not sure why exactly you feel rip off.

      4. I don’t feel ripped off, and I would only be upgrading for a few new characters that I don’t really care much for, a battle mode, and some other miniscule changes. When I buy a Mario Kart game, I look solely for new race tracks since that’s what I use the most. If they would’ve saved the dlc cups for Deluxe it would’ve been a real treat, and definitely the money’s worth for me.

      5. I kinda felt that way too, especially since I plopped down for all the DLC packs but when you think about it, Nintendo was pretty generous with the DLC price to begin with IMO . The amount of content was a steal for the price considering how much DLCs cost for other games. Granted if anyone not interested in battle mode , then debuting this for $60 will be a hard pill to swallow…

        Im gonna double dip though cuz MK8 is phenomenal online and the battle mode seems to add enough for me to justify getting it again. That and all I have is Breath of the Wild so my Switch needs more games 😉

      6. I actually really liked the dlc content, it was basically 1/3rd more of the race tracks with 1/3rd of the price so to me it was totally worth it, but I can see where you’re coming from. I would definitely go for the Deluxe’s exclusive content if they added it as a dlc pack 3, which probably could’ve easily happened. It’s just not worth paying full price to me.

    1. I think you would not agree with anyone, not just reviews. The game is a success, it’s a fact. It’s not just praised but it’s very very polished and content rich. I can’t comment on gameplay, but I had a brief experience against people online with a Wii U version and I had fun. Though not all tracks were good as the Mario Kart 64 ones (I skipped all Mario Kart editions between these too).

      1. Yes it does pack a lot of content, but it mostly borrows from the Wii U version. If you think it’s worth getting the new version, great, but I don’t see a point.

      2. Point is that the game is excellent. If you already bought it: don’t buy. I don’t see the point to rate badly a game because it’s no good for those who already purchased it. The game is still excellent, just not worthy for you.

  7. }{ I’ve got a feeling that while the switch will have a lot of new content, a lot of it (the switch’s mario kart for instance) will be ports of Wii U games, because as Nintendo is figuring: Almost nobody bought it, and it’s still quite good, so why waste money building a new one? Kind of sad to see Nintendo recycling a game when they usually only do one Mario Kart per system… }{

    1. And they are right. More titles is ALWAYS better.
      They are gonna releasing far more original titles than the Wii U because the system will see skyrocket sales. Along with it they will release previously released games to make the offer even bigger. It’s a win-win situation.
      They just must focus all their resources on the Nintendo Switch and avoid to waste anymore time with the Nintendo 3DS that should see new games from second and third parties instead (they can still use old IPs with second party studios).

  8. Now wait for Jim Sterling to give it a 7/10. I still hate this bastard for intentionally downgrading BotW just because he hates Nintendo!

    1. Well, he did not review MK 8 himself so can’t really call it, but he did endorse the 4,5 star (90 MC) review albeit by his employer at the time.
      He probably will underscore to go against the grain in hopes of more free publicity.

    2. Instead of this why don’t avoid him entirely? His reviews are rubbish. Everyone should avoid him, you are just granting more fuel to a stereotype of a gamer.


      he actually wrote a article saying stick aiming was best in fps games…he clearly has a problem like all sony shills with evolution and generational PROGRESSION

      a dualshock is generations obsolete as is a xpad,he is throwing sissy fits at steam controller wii remote joycons gyro enabled pro pads and CLEAR RELIANT 2017 AND BEYOND VIDEO GAMING….

      only a complete and utter moron would try to say obsolete controls are what matters and that sticks out aim gyroscope mouse pc mouse and pointer mouse HE IS A BUTT HURT FANBOY

  9. I want this game, but probably won’t buy it until the price comes down. Even if I have to buy it used from an ebay seller. I’m not THAT excited over it, since I already have the one on Wii U. One thing is for sure though. When I do get it, I’ll never play it online. People totally CHEATS in this game. And they can’t say that they don’t.

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