While simply called Ganon in his beast form, Nintendo have confirmed that the Legend of Zelda villain is actually called Ganondorf Dragmire. This surname was originally used in A Link to the Past’s instruction manual in 1992, but it has recently resurfaced on Nintendo’s official website. Ganondorf has become as iconic as Link and Zelda, so it’s interesting to have this tidbit confirmed.





  1. I realize Miyamoto was joking, but we can’t just leave the situation with a cool name like Ganondorf Dragmire versus a less-than-impressive name like Link Link.

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    • its a different Zelda and Link most of the time so the surnames would change. considering its the same Ganon reincarnated every time from Demise (unless im wrong here) he would have the same surname…but even then, the surname Dragmire was only given in A Link to the Past. He could have only been a Dragmire for that time and only served for story purposes. For me it would make most sense to have given him the surname Dragmire in OoT, where he was born a Gerudo prince, thus the name serving to present him as a more humanistic character instead of an evil king archetype. But really at the end of it all none of this matters cause its a video game.

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  2. I have a better question. When Zelda’s father in BotW is named Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, doesn’t it mean that Zelda’s surname should be also Hyrule?


  3. I’m so depressed that Calamity Ganon in Breath Of The Wild is just some weird monster with smoke etc. emitting from it. Nintendo can’t even make an amiibo out of it. I think one of the many reasons that Ocarina Of Time was so great is Ganondorf being a human (before transforming), and having a personality. In Breath Of The Wild, he may as well be a super powerful pile of dog poop. Great game, but Nintendo screwed up with Calamity Ganon.


    • Have you actually fought it yet? It’s a bit… more than that. Not what I was expecting either though; I was just like “…what?” when I got to it.

      I can get past the “no human form” thing for this entry in the series; it makes sense Ganon wouldn’t adopt the same form twice, plus I’m almost certain other big villains we’ve seen throughout the series were other incarnations of the same evil origin that created Ganon (Malledus in Spirit Tracks, Yuga in Link Between Worlds, etc.)


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