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The Pokemon Company Is Now 19 Years Old

On April 23rd, 1998, The Pokemon Company was founded by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak. Originally, the intention was to have The Pokemon Company, then known as The Pokémon Center Company, effectively manage Japan’s Pokemon Center stores. What changed was Pokemon Gold & Silver, which took off in sales and popularity. The company would receive loads of merchandising proposals from all over the world, because companies were interested in working with the franchise. However, the job of approving licensed products was left to only one person, which was Tsunekazu Ishihara of Creatures. The workload become too much to handle for Ishihara and a desire to further expand the Pokemon brand with long-term goals, such as continuing the anime series and releasing a movie yearly, contributed to the desire to give The Pokemon Center Company a revamp. Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak expanded the company and renamed it The Pokemon Company. The late Satoru Iwata would later say that The Pokemon Company’s makeover was his first project at Nintendo.



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