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Axiom Verge Physical Release Coming To Nintendo Switch

Update: This is apparently being looked into by the development team but has yet to be confirmed.

One of the standout indie titles is Axiom Verge and it would appear as though the game is coming straight to the Nintendo Switch. Tom Happ who is the creator of Axiom Verge has stated that we are not only getting a digital release but there’s also a deluxe physical release in the works which comes with a physical manual, a documentary about the game, and possibly a copy of the soundtrack. There’s no date for this, but once we hear more we shall let you know.



  1. This is fantastic news. I’ve held out on buying Axiom Verge for a long time knowing that it was coming to Switch, and now I get a physical release on top of that? Take my money!

      1. Yup. If metroidvania style games are right up your alley, then this is definitely a must have. There’s even a speedrun leaderboard if you wanna be a little more competitive.

  2. Axiom verge looks like a really interesting game. Reminds me of my own metroid-like game I’m working on. I doubt I’ll be as successful as he is though but who cares since I only care about making a metroid fusion 2.0

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