Capcom Addresses Monster Hunter Sales Performance In Latest Fiscal Year Review

Capcom, like Nintendo, have concluded their financial year and have some comments on the Monster Hunter franchise and how the latest titles in the series have performed. Although they don’t mention total sales figures, they do give an indication of how they sold.

Capcom says Monster Generations was a solid performer overseas. The recently released Monster Hunter XX is “off to a promising start” which compared to the youth-oriented Monster Hunter Stories, which Capcom says “underperformed.”

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  1. ||So there are no excuses to make one for the Switch then, now do it…||

    1. That would be amazing. I want this game so bad. I’m secretly hoping we get some kind of MH Stories special edition 3DS bundle.

  2. I played the original japanese stories, and while it isn’t the monster hunter we are used to, it did have an amazing story to back up with some not too shabby gameplay, collecting and hatching eggs, rock paper scissors type battles with the armor and weapon crafting we are so used to
    I can see why it underperformed but I would give it a chance

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