Here’s The Known Worldwide Sales Of Nintendo Published Titles During The 2016-2017 Fiscal Year

Some interesting data came from the Nintendo quarterly meeting that was held the other day. The company decided to publish data showing the known results of Nintendo published titles during the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The data includes bundled sales as well as Nintendo Select titles, but the picture we’ve provided below that contains a chart of the sales lack the data for 1-2 Switch. We know that the game sold close to a million. Yo-kai Watch was not included either, despite the fact it sold around 800k in Europe. There is also an error with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s sales. They sold 1,900,000 copies, not 190,000.




  1. What information do these charts use exactly? I didn’t think there was a way to get non-used/secondhand copies of older games like Diamond/Pearl, unless it’s counted in a different way.

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