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Video: RiME Developer Diary 3

The upcoming puzzle title RiME will be arriving on the PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC this month, and will also be coming to the Switch this summer. In the build up to the game’s release, publisher Tequila Works has been posting Dev Diary videos to YouTube to give viewers an insight into the development of the title.

The third iteration to the Dev Diary series has been uploaded, which discusses how level designers and animators take ideas and concept art to build them into RiME’s puzzle world.

You can check it out below:


One comment

  1. It does look as a pure adventure/puzzle game, so eventually it will be that boring. I will probably skip this, definitely, though I like that they copied some from Zelda like animations and some mechanics, but they left out the most important aspect: action. No things to fight, and the world doesn’t look that good to just walk in it and enjoy the surroundigs. It’s Zelda mixed with Ico, but even Ico had lot of action. This just feels empty. Eventually it will have its niche market. Especially females.
    In Zelda I like to ride my horse but I like to hunt and fight monsters far more, and there are lot of people to talk with.
    This looks really empty. Looks like a demo. A demo you have to buy. Well…


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