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More Details For The Battle System In Dragon Quest XI Emerge

Although Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time employs a traditional turn-based battle mechanic, we’ve recently learned that the title will also include ‘Link’ and ‘Zone’ features. Thanks to Gemastu, a translation of the official website detailing these has been provided.

Much like the limit breaks in Final Fantasy, taking substantial damage from enemies will cause your character to go into Zone status making your attacks more powerful. You can make the most of this state until the aura around you goes away meaning you’re more than able to transfer the benefits into other battles. Be careful though, enemies can enter Zone status too.

Link piggy-backs off the Zone status. By ‘Linking’ with more characters while they’re in Zone status, their unique abilities can be mixed up to create even more chaos.

The title is coming to 3DS and PS4 July 29 in Japan. We’re still yet to hear about the release date for Nintendo Switch but it’s great to know it’s on the cards.





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