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Platinum Games Have Teased A New IP

Beloved multiplatform developers Platinum Games have announced that they have been hard at work on a new IP. The news was delivered by Platinum Games Producer Atsushi Inaba during this weekend’s BitSummit in Kyoto. The game will be revealed at a later date, but Inaba did say that it is a mysterious “formless, shapeless IP”. Hopefully we might hear about it at E3 in June.

Inaba-san teased the existence of a “formless, shapeless IP” that he can’t talk about today. Interestingly, he also mentioned that on top of the new IP, it’s also going to involve a new director, and it’s going to be interesting to see how that new director will grow, and how he will help PlatinumGames grow as a company as well.

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23 thoughts on “Platinum Games Have Teased A New IP”

        1. im assuming that they own all the game code since the funded the whole project.

          Its just an assumption though, other than cancelling the project and Kamiyas statement, they havent really talked much about it.

          So much secrecy around it that it makes me think platinum doesnt own any of it. What with Kamiya being the loud mouth that he is.

    1. Chances are that Kamiya was fucking pissed at the Star Fox fanboys that bothered him and decided “Fuck Murasame Castle. I’m never directing Nintendo shit anymore.”

      Wouldn’t surprise me because those that pressure Kamiya are always a bunch of dumbasses.

  1. I fucking knew it would be a new IP.

    Especially after Scalebound was cancelled. Glad I didn’t get an Xbone just for that game.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Because announcing something grand with zero impact whatsoever doesn’t entice anyone or anything…||

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