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Here’s The Monster Hunter XX Switch Trailer

Capcom has unleashed the trailer for its surefire smash hit Monster Hunter XX on the Nintendo Switch. The latest installment in the popular Monster Hunter franchise will be arriving in Japan on August 25th. Save transfers and cross play with Nintendo 3DS has also been confirmed. As expected there will be a Nintendo Switch bundle which features a special design on the dock. Check out the game’s trailer, below.


19 thoughts on “Here’s The Monster Hunter XX Switch Trailer”

    1. it looks great for a port. also, monster hunter has soooooo much content that i would argue that it definitely is worth the price, even if you’re not happy with the visuals. they’re going to pump it with free DLC for quite a while too.

    2. Yeah, they should try to release it with 3ds pricing, we really don’t need anything tacky to “justify” a price bump.

      1. there’s absolutely no reason or Chance theyll sell this at 3ds price. the justification for its being 60$ should be the fact that 3ds games shouldn’t be 40$ anyway, the same way full retail games should cost more than 60$.

  1. I’m disappointed in Nintendo… how can they allow crapcom to port this directly to the swtich!! is this what they want to showcase the switch with? let this just stay in japan!

    The switch hardware is no ps4 or xbone but it can do WAY BETTER than this crap!!

    it’s one thing for them to wear one face… but allowing them to wear their two evil faces is a shame on nintendo’s part! i’m not giving cashcom/crapcom any money for this crap!

    keep it in japan and give us a true switch MH game!

    1. You do realize the entire Monster Hunter series have always been a game that doesn’t rely on it’s visuals right, not to mention the Switch is still considered a handheld? You’re not going to see a visual upgrade for MHXX aside from the Switch version because the devs are most likely working on the next MH game lol:D

      1. no one is asking for 120fps.. 9999999999tera flops… and 4k graphics
        all i’m saying is they should respect the hardware!

        the game can do better than this. we all know this.

    2. yeah, how dare capcom port anew game in the series over with a much higher frame rate and resolution while having the added bonus of being able to use a fully featured controller those fiends! meanwhile, as an actual fan of the series, i couldn’t be happier that they are porting this one over to a platform that’s region free and can hook up to my tv.

      1. This series is exactly what I thought of when the Switch was rumored to be a hybrid back in the NX days. It’s perfect for those who play on the go (pretty much all of Japan) and those who want to play on their TV at home (just about everyone from the west I see online talking about MH) so it’s a win/win for Nintendo and Capcom.

    3. This is the same thing Capcom did when they ported MH3U from the 3DS to the Wii U. This wasn’t built from the ground up for the Switch, heck, the original MHX came out in 2015 and the enhanced MHXX came out for the 3DS in March. They are also letting you still play with people who have the 3DS version so they can’t go crazy with the upgrading. Personally I’m willing to trade off graphical quality just to get this version on the Switch and I’ll wait to judge graphical quality until we see a MH built specifically for the Switch from start to finish.

      Personally, I think it looks great for a 3DS port and I’m excited to get my hands on it.

  2. They should price it wisely and work for a proper episode in the serie with quality graphics (no 3DS, just use the Nintendo Switch hardware like Nintendo did with Zelda).
    Now price this one low since it’s a direct port.

      1. It’s not a Wii U game since they sorted it out at the same time (Wii U/Switch game), and those two consoles are comparable power wise. It’s not the case with 3DS and Nintendo Switch.
        This game just looks as a placeholder to not hurt fans since they are developing the future of Monster Hunter outside the Nintendo Switch (and it looks as a mediocre future anyway judging by the demo).

    1. well, sometimes it might be easier to take a 3DS with you than it is the switch. as well as what amsterdamsters said, there are likely people (in japan) that have already sunk a ton of hours into the 3DS version, so asking them to start from scratch on a new platform is a no no, especially when they have had this save transfer feature in the past.

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