Nintendo Switch

Rumour: Could Super Mario Odyssey Be Released In November

One game that Nintendo is looking to heavily promote during E3 next month in Los Angeles is the impressive Super Mario Odyssey. No doubt it is the big game for the company’s all-important holiday season but we have yet to get a date. The sources who said that Nintendo is looking to ramp up Nintendo Switch production rapidly have also suggested that they are looking to get enough systems on the shelf before Super Mario Odyssey launches in November. We should hear more information about the game, next month.




  1. November would seem like the ideal date for a Mario title so if it is November I’m more than cool with that. So long as the game looks and plays excellent and is available this year, I’m ok with whatever month they decide to release it in

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    1. I agree with you as well, paid. Having Super Mario Odyssey to be launched on November this year would be a perfect plan for Christmas shopping.

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  2. If I recall correctly, the last major Mario game, 3D World, came out in November, as have Mario Galaxy and 3D Land on 3DS, so Odyssey releasing in November sounds almost traditional at this point. The only exception I can think of is Mario Maker as they wanted to launch that as close to the 30th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros as possible.

    On a side note, I’m thinking of starting a new file on Breath of the Wild on a profile made specifically for it. If I later buy the DLC on my main account, can my alternate BotW profile also load it?

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  3. I can’t wait for this game to come quick. Bowser, hurry up and defeat Mario and I be slick and kidnap Peach and Daisy with my magic tricks. Then Bowser and I will take over Mushroom Kingdom while I relax and Mario gets sick. I wish I was on Smash bros. SWITCH, I know N-Dub Nation would choose me, he would pick.

    What powers I would us if I was on Smash Bros Switch.
    My powers I tried on that dumb bear and bird from your rhyming witch. I almost won but those Jinjos flew and attacked me really quick. Then I fell off my tower while rocks chased me and hit me with a nick.

    Then I said” Grunty’s fate this cannot be so hurry Klungo resecue me!”

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