YouTube Live At E3 Will Be Streamed In 4K, Starts Sunday June 11th

It is now June which means that the all-important E3 trade show will soon be upon us live from Los Angeles. The event kicks off on Sunday, June 11th with the reveal of the much hyped Project Scorpio from the Xbox team. YouTube will be hooking up with Geoff Keighley again for 17 hours of footage live in 4k Ultra HD. Nintendo’s event is on Tuesday June 13th and 9am PT. Twitch will also be providing their own E3 coverage.

Geoff Keighley and YouTube team up for Live at E3. 2 days, 17 hours live in 4k Ultra HD with your favorite creators and all the press events, including the reveal of Project Scorpio from Xbox. Tune in at starting Sunday June 11 at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT.




    1. To much philosophy you put in a low level situation and it is not worth it. In other words
      Sony will bring games like God of war, the last of us 2,death stranding,red dead redemption 2
      And Nintendo will bring Pikmin, animal crossing..and in the meanwhile Quadraxis will be buzy playing the game named ARMS with the 2 joy-con dildos with motion controlls like a autistic kid


      1. Mario version 50. Splatoon port from wii u with 1 hour shit story mode that is nothing more than just a tutorial.. . Xenoblade chronicles 2 for kids with cartoon graphics worse than anything….A warriors games witht he disguise of fire emblem..

        Nintendo Virus is (a Virous that is spreading the cartoon-disease-graphics to all the games even xenoblade turned now to cartoon) ENDLESS


      2. Far from it, but I wouldn’t like to “kick the one who’s already lying down”, as the saying goes.

        But if you insist, I could go on to describe how while the home console market was a temporary step back during the Wii U era; Nintendo’s succes was unrivaled in the mobile markets.
        I say markets (in plural) because the 3DS family of systems has sold incredibly well, and then we also have the iOS games which with Pokémon GO! claimed victories even High Command could not have foreseen.

        And on a side note, “cartoony graphics” which you eluded to, is merely a complaint people do because they do not understand the value of game design over simply graphic prowess.
        Any despicable game can have fancy graphics draping the facade (Mass Efect Andromeda, for example).
        It takes a good game to make you embrace the art direction and design, and by then you won’t even need to care about the graphics.


      3. oh man…your text just come out from your ass? This is what happening when someone is forgetting to press the toilet button…

        1) you telling me about stupid success from the pokemon go like you are some kind a member from nintendo. Guess what Nintendrone YOU ARE JUST A GAMER. So the sales for a console is like irrelevant for the GAMER. The only relevant is the GAMES.!! Games that Wii u never had Games like switch WILL ALSO never will have !!

        2) You put the cartoon graphics with this mark –> ” ” what is this? some kind Nintendroism? Cartoon graphics is the 99% from all the switch games!! So you cant even put the “cartoon graphics” like that.
        Also the example you bring is a shit beyond anyimagination. i will give you an example. Horizon Zero Dawn direction..ok..But when a console is ONLY “art direction” (this is how your brain traslate the cartoon graphics.) Then is a god damn console with kids. with Zero adult games.

        Switch is gonna be like the Wii
        Wii sold to much but never won the war this is how you manupilate your Nintendrone mind.
        The wii only won the sales. nothing more. It was by far the most casual machine ever made with the most cheap graphics also. everyone bough a wii for trolling reassons for fun for some hours for curiosity. This is the reality. The people or the kids who bough Wii for serious reassons they got bullied in the school because it is a big humiliation for having a wii and be proud of it like it is some kind of real gaming machine. while everyone knows it is a troll machine with casual games. and even worse graphics..Like xenoblade chronicles hard to believe a game like that come out at 2010…with graphics from 1840


      4. The fact that you are maybe the last person who you realise i am trolling is the reasson of how a blind nintedrone you are

        im still laughing how you falling on the trap each time. or maybe you are the quatraxis shadow? you just want your self to be there each time he is also


      5. Im sure your brain cant handle bad english since it is small enough anyway to understand how Nintendo is only for fags or kids while you think it is some kind of master race gaming company….LOL


      6. ||All of those weapons the Sonyans have and their names for them, they must have extreme suicidal tendencies and PTSD…||

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