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New Xbox Live Rewards Survey Questions Users About Nintendo Switch

Microsoft often sends out Xbox Live Reward Surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and see what they can do to improve the service. Interestingly, this time around the survey focusses on the popular Nintendo Switch console and asks users a variety of questions regarding what they like and don’t like about the system. You can take the survey here.

  • Which features you find most appealing
  • Which features you find least appealing
  • How likely you are to buy a Nintendo Switch within the next 12 months

    For the two “features” questions up to two can be chosen from the following:

    “Most appealing”:

  • Price
  • Game catalogue
  • Joy-Con Controller
  • Portability
  • Local multiplayer game play
  • MicroSD card slot

    “Least appealing”:

  • Price
  • Game catalogue
  • Lack of backward compatibility
  • Joy-Con Controller
  • Portable Battery Life (3-6 hours)
  • Internal memory (32GB)
  • Lack of console inventory
  • Technical glitches
  • Lack of VR support
  • My friends don’t own one yet


81 thoughts on “New Xbox Live Rewards Survey Questions Users About Nintendo Switch”

        1. It is not stupid it is just your brain that cant handle The switch is a dead outdated console for kids. with ONLY games for kids like 100%.

          You propably cant even read what i said i guess you read something like “@#$#@!!$!$” Cause you are not programmed for extreme negative comments for nintendo

        2. Oh, games for kids? Like how those in the Switch’s reveal trailer were kids? Yeah, real talk coming from soneone who hates seeing their precious StinkBox suffer! SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE FREAK! You’re just upset that your favourite company is in third place!

          1. Outdated like hell. Thats why Cant run destiny 2, wither 3 or 4, overwatch, or any other kind of game with realistic graphics. oh wait..skyrim from 1750 is coming to switch !! WOWOWOWO

          2. Um, hey, the idiocy is really strong in you. In case though are open world games, then it’s proven it can run one. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, ring a bell? If not, then you really are an idiotic troll who just wants attention cause you hate anything that’s doing well and you want it to fail cause, well, you’re stupid.

            Good day to you, sir or mam.

            1. What are you talking about kid. 900p ?with not stable 30fps? how it can run
              Also cartoon graphics you dumbass are VERY EASY for a machine to handle.

              You just talking out from your ass. You think an Empty open world with cartoon graphics and CRAZY BAD resolution or zero AA? is a fact that switch can run open world games?or The skyrim from 1990? Wake up switch is outdated already and there is not gonna get any big games in the future. only some mario 234234 and zelda 32423 and a new game named arms when you can play with the 2 dildos as motion controlls..Lmao

              Good day to you, Kid, or you are a autistic adault? And im not trolling this is reality that you refuse to accept !!

                1. Yes, it is cartoon graphics, but it’s still 100x better than that excuse of a game, what is it? Assassin’s Creed?

                  And I’m 27 by the way idiot.

                  1. a autistic adault then who thinks zelda is better than assasins creed…a game that have the same story over 30 years to save zelda from ganon….can be compared to the assasins creed?dude…i realy dont know what to say to realy need some kind of a specialist doctor to take care you

                  2. I’m sure Senran Kagura and Shin Megami Tensei that are coming to Switch are catered to kids. Also if it died how is it selling well? no using Nintendo fans, fanboys/girls, casuals,and parents as why its selling well because those are wrong answers. you can hate Nintendo all you want if it helps you sleep better at night and I will continue to game on any platform including Nintendo.

                    1. Its from wii u thirsty fanboys you smartass..

                      Oh my god 2 games? a japan-porn type game and an another japan shit game? So if i will say the same for wii u (and even worse) you will bring bayonetta and the horror game fatal frame? And? thats it? 2 games? or there is also a third game also somewhere around? IN THE WHOLE LIFETIME? WHILE PS4 GOT EACH WEEK.

                      You can believe Switch is some kind of alive console. with some kind of adualt games. if it helps you to sleep better at (early) night. and i will continue to play hardcore games like a real adault and hardcore man like me and you can stick to the mario kart and splatoon…hahahahahahaha just dont go outside to the real world and speak about these games or you will get bullied

                      I really cant imagine a hardcore gamer …a real MAN (like me) playing Mario kart or the other game named arms….and using the 2 dildos for motion controlls….ahahahha.. OH these people ..make them hardcore SCARY adaults like me!!!!

                    2. Kallum…
                      you are so dumb, sasori obinna feels sorry for you..
                      the inevitable truth is:
                      Microsoft will buy Nintendo, so they will get rid of all the casual filth your beloved empire created under the management of your past lord…
                      Quadraxis, you won’t be living in your kirby dreamland..

                      – Church of Sasori

                      1. You cant say anything now to Commadrone to late..he escaped to hes kirby dreamland world with the 2 joy-cons dildos with him and he is so happy and blind who cant listen to logic.You know……..he must hide there because Scorpion is about come and is gonna destroy EVERYTHING. EVEN THE PC MASTER RACE WILL SUFFER!! you know !!!! these pc master race builders who builded gaming computers with 3000k dollars and scorpion is gonna have the same results in performance with 600-700 dollars…
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                      2. Buy Nintendo? Pfffft! IN YOUR DREAMS FREAK! The Switch is dominating, you just won’t admit it, cause you’re a lousy troll, and I always say, trolls are nothing but weak little wimps who hate anything good or popular.

                        You wanna fight? *Turns Super Saiyan* Bring it then!

                        1. The church of Sasori is the spiritual authority delegated by the “hambeast” himself, Obinna. It is our mission to share and preach the teachings of Obinna Sasori so that the light and truth may be revealed.
                          Obinna still offers you his helping hand, even when you claim to hate ligth, the only thing Obinna needs for your redemption is you bringing a dog to his altar..

                          – Church of Sasori

                        2. Thanos you fucktard!
                          Go the fuck away!
                          It’s bad enough dealing with a fanboy retard like Quadraxis, we don’t need more here like yourself!
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                            1. I wondered, back when Minecraft came to the Wii U and got a Mario texture pack, if Microsoft would be willing to bring any other IPs over. Rare games seem like an obvious choice, but I don’t think MS is ready to do that just yet.

                            1. Agreed:D
                              Microsoft is desperate as hell.
                              Funny how in less than a year it went from Sony vs MS to Sony vs Nintendo, Xbox isn’t even in the race anymore and, given the fact that it’s looking as if they won’t have any exclusive for the xbox this E3, they won’t be any competition anytime soon either lol:D
                              I’m so glad that I stuck with my usual Sony, Nintendo and PC platform combo, I made the right choice:D

                          1. The Switch is a raging success and the Xbox One is floundering against the PS4 and now a newcomer as well. They’re going to dig out of their rut any way they can.

                              1. the servey on the xbox it should be like that :How likely you are to buy a Xbox one within the next 12 months”

                                sorry sasorina i couldn’t resist

                                1. My Xbox One has been sitting in a Cupboard doing nothing for a long time now. There is literally nothing on the Platform that interests me anymore.

                                  The first Xbox and the 360 were great Consoles but the One? to me and I’m pretty sure many others the One has been a massive disappointment to date.

                                  They can send out their stupid surveys I won’t be taking it.

                                  1. I only just bought the One S in February. It sees a lot of use, and there are more than enough games on it for me to justify the purchase, even if they’re mostly third parties. If someone had to choose between a PS4 and an XB1 though, I’d probably recommend the PS4, even though I’d never buy one myself.

                                    1. My X1 sees lots of action. I only break to play breath of the wild on my WiiU. As many free games and deep discounts I get on AAA games and Indies, you’d have to be blind to not find something to play.

                                      1. Couple reasons. First, I don’t really like Sony Interactive as a company. I think they’re very unoriginal and do little to push gaming forward, I don’t agree with some of the competitive techniques they use, and I’ve probably seen more pettiness from their representatives than from the other two. Looking at Sony, I get the feeling that they hate to lose and must be on top, regardless of how successful they already are.

                                        Second, and I think this is what ultimately led me to go with the X1 over the PS4, I’ve had this feeling recently that I’m on my way out of gaming. More and more I feel like I’m getting ready to “move on”. There are more things I want to do with my time. I just bought the Switch and X1, but I’ve become much more selective about which games I play. I’ve also decided not to get into any new series’. The PS4 has a ton of games that I want to play (Last of Us, FFVII, Nioh, Nier, Persona 5, God of War, Detroit, Horizon, Last Guardian, etc.) but I also don’t want to play them. I don’t want them to take up my time. The X1 has less on it to go through, but enough to justify the purchase.

                                        I see no reason why I won’t continue to play games for some time to come, but this may very well be the last round of consoles that I get involved with. As of right now, I see myself continuing to play on the systems I have and, if anything else, working through my backlog.

                                        Damn! Dems a lotta words!

                                            1. @RidleySlayer Fair enough but to me the Xbox lacks any good exclusives (my opinion) and most of the games on it you can also get on PS4. To me the only redeeming feature the One has is better online because let’s be realistic PSN is just bad with how often it goes down whereas Xbox Live goes down far less often.

                                            2. To me it hasnt been a disappointment, but its mainly because I started buying all my multiplats on it. I personally havent bought anything for my ps4 since the Nathan Drake collection, but i am looking forwards to Wild (who knows when the fuck thatll release) FF7, and TLoU2. Had I started buying my multiplats on PS4 it wouldve been the other way around.

                                                1. Worry not, Microsoft were always too stupid to make a handheld console of their own, and still are today. They’re just preparing, preparing to give up Banjo & Kazooie back too Nintendo that is! If this keeps up, the bear and bird will be back with Nintendo in no time!

                                                  1. i don’t think they are stupid to make a handheld of their own because they know Nintendo is king in that market and Sony on the other hand thinks only power is the only way to win in the handheld department, PS2 was way behind in specs yet it dominated, GameCube failed because of the media they used and not because it was underpowered, in fact it is just behind the OG XBox in terms of power. Truth is consoles don’t flop because of weak specs and never will, they flop for other reasons.

                                                    1. All of Y’all are weird.. bickering over which console is better lol

                                                      Something’s up though
                                                      . Xbox is asking these questions for a reason..maybe a joint venture…

                                                    2. I reckon microsoft will copy and go overboard again like they did with Kinect during the Wii era… They might try to overimpress and create a product nobody wants

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