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Rumour: Ubisoft Prepping Mario And Rabbids Amiibo Prototypes

One game that has yet to be announced but has left fans divided is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The game is in development over at Ubisoft and we should see its grand unveiling at E3 in Los Angeles this month. To possibly coincide with the game’s release it would seem as though Ubisoft is working with Nintendo to produce special amiibo for the game. The reports are unverified but an image purportedly showing the amiibo has popped up on Reddit. Judge for yourselves!




27 thoughts on “Rumour: Ubisoft Prepping Mario And Rabbids Amiibo Prototypes”

  1. What’s wrong with a crossover idea between Mario and Rayman? That would be awesome. But no! Nintendo and Ubisoft decided to make a crossover between Mario and Rabbids, just to make money. It doesn’t matter how good or bad it can be, it’s just all about making money and that’s it.

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    1. Ubisoft thought Rayman does not sell, since they fucked about with Legends.
      If they had stuck with the exclusivity, and later on ported the thing on every platform available, they might have done better with it.

  3. with all the custom amiibo’s I have seen I wouldn’t be surprised if this was fake.

    that confidential mark looks really unprofessional “do not share” YOU THINK.

    1. Yes, they will push out more until you have no other place to go except under the bridge, your house belongs to them now.

    1. It’s totally fake the whole game is also it was released on Reddit the same site that had smash switch release I don’t believe this anymore I seen Ubisoft e3 lineup video and not one of them had a Mario and rabbids kingdom and it someone just did some basic trolling to see what the whole world would think about this I mean come on Nintendo using the word badass especially for peach dk boss prototype is suppose to dab yeah definitely doesn’t sound like a troll photoshopping and using fake info to make it seem real

  4. I love the hate more than the actual game rumor 😂 the way people are getting so uptight about a simple rumor, and even if it is real, they are mad about a simple concept. 🤣 Who in their right mind get mad about something they have yet to see! 😂

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Hate is the path to the dark side, 56% will still buy this weapon and submit to our rule…||

      1. Oh im sure they will, and they will eat their words then. its a waiting game as of now and I cant wait untill this game is officially announced so they can complain once again. lol

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