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More Info And A First Look At Attack On Titan 2: Future Coordinates For 3DS (Pics)

We recently reported that Attack On Titan 2: Future Coordinates was announced for 3DS and will be released later this year in Japan. Japanese publication Famitsu have posted online their preview of the title and we now have a closer look at the game along with some additional bits of info. The game features remodelled graphics, 3D manoeuvre action, more side elements in each mode, and further evolutions. Players will be able to create their own character and take on various subjugation missions in World Mode. Players can also craft their own army base.

Take a look at the screenshots:


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13 thoughts on “More Info And A First Look At Attack On Titan 2: Future Coordinates For 3DS (Pics)”

    1. As long as it remains a viable revenue steam for them they won’t stop supporting it. It’s just business.

    1. i have ye to buy that but because im so focused on old and new games across different platforms i am limited to just cherry pick as to not spend my entire paycheck.

  1. I LOVE the anime… Even if it is ridiculously gory and a bit too full of exposition at times. Heard the live-action movie was crap. Never tried the first game because licensed games are invisible to me. But maybe I should give them a try.

    1. it’s really fun, especially the multiplayer. They did a decent job giving you control of the characters. It lacks a little polish, but if you can download it for $20 or less, it’s fun!

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