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TumbleSeed Dev To Tweak Difficulty Due To “Tepid Response” From Press And Streamers

Roguelike game TumbleSeed on Nintendo Switch has garnered mixed reviews from journalists with some saying it is unfair or too difficult. Developer Greg Wohlwend who has stated that TumbleSeed “is the best thing he’s worked on”, recently took to Twitter to address the tepid response that he’s been witnessing. In doing so, Wohlwend mentioned that some changes will be coming to the title which will “give anyone that wanders into our game a fighting chance at enjoying it”. Check out his Tweets below to see how he addressed the criticisms:


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  1. ||This tool can be used as one trial ground for the new recruits…||

    1. ||Insanely hard you say, that makes it even more appealing…||

        1. ||Yes, that makes it even more appealing than before, I’ll most likely try this…||

  2. It really isn’t that bad. Yeah it’s tough but in a good way. The devs shouldn’t have to change their game.

  3. I love the game but don’t play it because its too damn hard for me. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was something of a difficulty curve, rather than the current difficulty bus-to-the-face. It’s hard to genuinely practice and learn how to play when there’s no progress and no reward.

  4. Aw, so sad that this is happening. The game looked really good and I was planning on buying it (and probably still will). I wish that it could be successful. It may not ever get the credit it deserves.

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