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EA Has Shared Details On The Switch Version Of FIFA ’18

Today, Electronic Arts Inc. revealed the first feature details of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch™ console. The game delivers an authentic and immersive football experience, allowing fans to play the world’s game anytime, anywhere.

This new edition brings the modes fans know and love, including FIFA Ultimate Team™, Career Mode, Kick Off and Local Seasons, making it the deepest portable game ever to be introduced by EA SPORTS FIFA. Ultimate Team fans will get to participate in beloved features like Squad Building Challenges, Online and Offline Seasons, Tournaments, and Draft. Players will enjoy live campaigns connected to the narrative of the football season, the Transfer Market, and more Ultimate Team features that will be revealed very soon.

“FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the best FIFA you can take with you anywhere, play anytime and with anyone,” said Producer, Andrei Lăzărescu. “We’re delivering the immersive and authentic experience that fans expect from FIFA, while leveraging innovative ways to play both at home and on the go with Nintendo Switch.”

The game takes advantage of the console’s unique portability, allowing players to enjoy the game in docked, handheld or tabletop mode, and utilizing local multiplayer connection for Local Seasons. Multiple control schemes are also featured, so whether you prefer to play handheld, dual Joy-Con™, single Joy-Con or Pro Controller, there’s an option to fit your playstyle.

The game delivers the most technologically advanced portable FIFA experience ever, outputting 1080p resolution when docked and 720p on handheld. Players are the most realistic they’ve ever been due to new Physically Based Player Rendering, and immersive, 3D environments that bring the pitch to life.

In addition to unique control and gameplay features, as well as a robust FIFA Ultimate Team, players can participate in Local Seasons across two Switch consoles, as well as Kick-Off mode, Career, Online Seasons, Tournaments, Women’s International Cup and Skill Games.

Join the EA SPORTS FIFA community at Facebook and on Instagram. Follow us on Twitter @easportsfifa and use the hashtag #FIFA18.

FIFA 18 is developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania and will be available worldwide on September 29 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: EA PR

33 thoughts on “EA Has Shared Details On The Switch Version Of FIFA ’18”

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||I don’t accept filth, but since High Command accepted it then so be it…||

    1. 1. Battlefront 2 Dev teased a possible port in the future for the Switch
      2. A Way Out hasn’t really got any confirmed platforms or release date, but devs seem interested in Switch.
      3. Fifa 18 is still going to be more advanced on Switch than on PS3 and Xbox 360.

      1. 1. nop
        3. is gonna be more advance than the gameboy color also? wow
        4.Are you telling me switch have a hance to get these games? Even if he get them. Do you realise these games i mention are not only the games i meant.? These games i mention are representing the whole package. All these games switch wont get. while Ps4 and xbox have. Not just battlefront.

      1. I just said “fuck it” and began calling American football “Handball”, now everyone gives me the “what the fuck” look every time I say it which technically it is handball because they are holding the damn ball all the time lol:D

  1. Where’s Super Prison Bros. and Star Wars Fan Service Explosion on Switch? Those were the only two notable games their presentation had.

      1. “Here we have an engine that can scale from toasters to tianhe-2.
        But Nintendo platforms can not run it”
        They should have just put in the extra work, if they ported the engine, any game after that would be a lot less painful to port and would show at least a level of commitment.

      2. This is actually for Petric22, Dice has to free up resources for a small team to convert the engine to use on the Switch. They don’t have people that can be put on that project. The studio that made FIFA 18 on Switch used what they could to make a new engine for Switch. When or If the executives at EA decide that Nintendo Switch should have the Frostbite engine then they will put it on there.

  2. Well, it can’t be bad. It was already solid on PS3, no? This one should be better.
    I don’t like EA, though I don’t like to spit on anyone’s work. There are people involved in this game, other than EA.

  3. A Way Out definitely looks like the type of game I’d like. Though the character models don’t look nearly as good as those in The Last Of Us or Uncharted 4 (though it’s probably not polished yet). This is probably the first EA game I’ve ever felt interested in.

  4. The only game that caught my eye was Anthem, but I think that’s either gonna be a huge Destiny ripoff that’s online only and riddled with micro transactions or an Overwatch meets Battlefield carbon copy riddled with micro transactions. Either way EA will release a bunch of disappointments in the future.

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