Sonic Runners Adventure Has Suddenly Released In Russia

Update: This is also available in the United Kingdom. Gameplay has also been uploaded, so we’ve added that to the article down below.

SEGA has been focusing on Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania for platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, but mobile Sonic games are still being released as well. Sonic Runners Adventure, with no fanfare whatsoever, has released. However, you can only get the premium version in Russia, and it does cost money to do so. There is no free-to-play version out yet, but we know that the game will get one on Google Play in the future. The game costs 16 MB in internal memory, and seems to be a remade Sonic Runners, which was taken offline last year. There is no information on when the game will release in other regions, including western regions, but we will let you know when it does.




  1. Really odd. I like how they are expanding though, seen the switch blow up in places where it doesnt seem like Nintendo had their foot there before. (Russia, South Korea, Brazil is coming back)

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  2. Source article was updated to note it’s in the UK now as well.
    May want to update this one due to your readership.

    In terms of the title, reminds me of I think…Colors level selection, of which I didn’t enjoy the title much so I’m sure this’ll be the same.


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