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Rumour: Mario Odyssey And Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Dates Leaked Ahead Of E3?

There’s a rumour swirling around the internet that Super Mario Odyssey will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch on November 17th. This doesn’t sound too far-fetched as we were expecting the game around that time period. The rumour mill also suggests that the long-awaited Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been delayed until February 2018. Although Nintendo has continuously said the game is coming in 2017, many have doubted this since the start as we’ve yet to really hear anything about the game. With Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight coming on Tuesday we should find out all the answers then!

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      1. The Commander cannot give to you his ID.

        The Military can found him and that will be a problem.


      2. Well the Commander’s ID change every 10 second. So if you get his ID it will automatically change after 10 seconds, always because Military (Nintendo) secrets.


      3. ||If you begin to troll again you will be banned again and again…||

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    1. And if it id wrong I’m going to laugh so fucking hard. Your motherboard is rusted yo. Give it a fucking rest Quadrass.


  1. If this is true, I’d wish Nintendo would stop giving a release window and then having it delayed. I don’t mind waiting for a game just don’t announce any date if it won’t be ready for it.

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  2. If it’s true it will be VERY unfortunate. That was my number one game I was looking forward to. So far Nintendos E3 is not looking very good. If Mario is the only game we’re getting then holy shit. Wii U drought all over again. Hopefully they have something to show at E3.

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      1. He just did. But seriously, it depends on the perspective. Sure, the Wii U didn’t have BotW, Mario Kart 8, Pokken, or Smash in it’s first year but when they were at least brand new games when they did come out. If you’re a former/current Wii U that now owns a Switch and you aren’t interested in double dipping, then there hasn’t been that much to play or to look forward to playing.

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    1. Something is not right.
      Nintendo is hiding something big, and that’s something very incredible.

      I don’t know. I just feel it.


      meme time.


      1. mmmmmmmmm. About the third party support I totally agree with you, but the Switch it’s only came out 3 months ago. It’s just a newbie now.


      2. Thats not the problem. Even wii u had third party support on start. The problem is the switch is weak. All the developers they have aim High lvl graphics. Graphics switch cannt handle and they need to make big downgrades and now with ps4 pro and scorpion there is a problem with that


      3. Ok for the graphic part I agree with you. But I still want to see this SCD on the Switch if this SCD can give more power for eveything maybe people will change their mind.


      4. i care Nintendo to wake up from the stupid ideas he have and bring back the graphics on the home consoles. I dont care if this happend with SCD or LCD or GTP or FBI or LSD or what ever.
        I hate Nintendo been so stupid cause they are already GOT GOOD GAMES since 1532 but they want to make gimmick ideas for money reassons. Gamecube had graphics. Gamecube had games. Nintendo should made machine just like gamecube and i mean that only on power lvl only like gamecube was on hes era.
        Or are you gonna tell me gamecube didn’t sold well. do i have to answer that you are not a member from nintendo company and you are a gamer? and you care for games only? or are you gonna tell me gamecube was a failure console with good graphics and bad games? hmmm nop

        !!!!!!!!!!Gamecube is the reasson
        Nintendo should make a powerfull console..NOT PS4 OR SCORPION. BUT GAMECUBE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      5. The Switch may be a baby but a lot of the third party games that came out for it or are announced for it are old.

        Skyrim came out 6 years ago (even the “remaster” came out about 6 months ago).
        Cave Story+ came out 6 years ago.
        Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ came out 2 years ago.
        Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is coming out a year after the other systems.
        Lego City Undercover came out 4 years ago.
        Puyo Puyo Tetris came out 3 years ago.
        Rayman Legends came out 4 years ago.
        Payday 2 came out 4 years ago.
        Steep came out in December on other consoles and doesn’t even have a release date for the Switch.

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    1. Seriously there will be other directs after e3 people are saying e3 is doom we haven’t seen a thing yet the game s that we want like smash and other stuff will come out soon but we can’t expect everything in the console first year


    1. B-but I had PLANS for this game! :(
      [I don’t want to wait, darn it!]
      I do agree with some comments above, Nintendo shouldn’t announce a game release date if it’s going to be pushed back into the next year. Just list it as n/a and we’re good.

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  3. I always thought it would be a miracle if xbc 2 released this year. Nintendo kept stating it was coming this year so I believed it for a little. I’ll wait on the official word but E3 ain’t looking too good so far


    1. Something is strange my friend.

      Why all of these information coming out so early?
      Why Nintendo showing some games before the E3?
      Why Best Buy showed 3 Switch games?

      It’s too strange. I don’t understand these movements.


  4. A November release for Mario Odyssey sounds about right; most recent mainline Mario games have released in that month including 3D Land and 3D World.

    As disappointed as I’ll be if Xenoblade 2 gets pushed to 2018, that’ll be good news for me wallet. For the time being…

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  5. So if this rumor is true, Switch will be my Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild & Super Mario Odyssey machine for 2017… *sigh but quickly peppers up* Oh well. More time to spend on my PS4 backlog that wouldn’t be a backlog if I didn’t waste so much of my time hoping Wii U would stop being a failure. (It wasn’t til late 2015 that I gave up & got a PS4 but I spent most of 2016 playing Witcher 3, Life is Strange, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Syndicate, & Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate while I still had around 5-10 other games on the back burner… (I like to linger on games I’m really enjoying, so sue me.)


    1. ||You don’t seem to like any Sonyan weapon at all despite having a PS4, maybe these third class imbeciles should create their own machine and put their garbage into one, destroying the Xbots and Sonyans at the same time…||


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