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Power Pool Slam Announced As A Nintendo 3DS-Exclusive Game

Indie developer Chequered Cow Games has announced that it’s bringing its second title, Power Pool Slam, exclusively to Nintendo 3DS. The game is a sports sim in which you can make your Mii a pool master by defeating your friends locally and online. Your Mii’s stats can be increased through gameplay to enhance your chances of making it to the top. Several control methods are supported, such as touch and analog inputs. You can also play from three different angles – first person, third person and overhead. Power Pool Slam features and screenshots are as follows:

  • Extensive single player modes
  • Variety of control modes
  • Minigames with rankings
  • Online/local and pass the device multiplayer
  • US & UK 8 ball, 9 Ball and snooker
  • Normal and arcade styles of play


    1. lol I have got to Amit is game looks pretty bad the models are way off and everything at least miitopia had creativity this game just looks like some scrap shovelware Wii game to be honest


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