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EA Says Nintendo Switch Could Run Need For Speed Payback But They Aren’t Planning It

One heavily scripted title shown off at the EA E3 press conference yesterday was Need for Speed: Payback which was announced for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. GameSpot caught up with producer Marcus Nilsson to ask him about a possible Nintendo Switch version of the title and whether the platform could run the game.

“Would that be a platform that Need for Speed: Payback could run on? I don’t see why [not], but it’s not something we’re looking to at this very moment,” he explained.




      1. Sometimes I think they pay EA and other companies for not release the game on the Switch.

        I don’t know why but I think they do this, especially Microsoft who thinks “I cannot beat my enemy, then I will buy it”.

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    1. Eh. You know. You probably right. Sony and Microsoft don’t want to see awesome games like this.

      I also see KH3 trailer on IGN youtube channel and it’s only for PS4 and Xbox One. I really hate this. Why companies says they want games on the Switch. Ok but what games.


      1. What’s even funnier is some people will actually agree with him, or her. lol


  1. Omg these companies. What they want to bring for the Switch.


    Yesterday Square Enix showed a trailer of KH3 not for Switch.
    EA showed a trailer of Battlefront 2 and of course not for Switch.



  2. Basically EA doesn’t think it would sell and it would probly need more optimization for it to run correctly as opposed to PS4 and Xbox where they can make a 50gb game with 50gb patches and it’s all good. I think that’s the problem with most 3rd party devs that don’t want to include the switch


    1. It doesn’t need optimization, he said the Switch can run the game, the only thing they may have to do is some compression to fit on the game card. Think about it, BotW is too much to run on PS3/360, and yet it’s like 13.4GB in file size, less than half the file size of Uncharted. It’s all about compression techniques. There is no need for a game to be 40-60gb.


  3. Well, thanks to EA confirming that the Switch can run Frostbite and NFS payback, developers will no longer hide under the “lack of Power” excuse. We will see the ones that truly support Nintendo Now.

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  4. even if this game doesn’t make it to Switch, we should still see an NFS game come on the system. Look back to 2009’s Need for Speed: Nitro, EA saw the Wii’s high potential and made a title exclusively to the System (And the 3DS version from Firebrand games). so expect an exclusive NFS title on the Switch.


    1. While possible, it doesn’t make sense. Why spend the money building a game from scratch, when this game could be simply ported? It’s WAY cheaper and faster to port than to build an exclusive game.


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