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FIFA 18 Producer Explains Why Nintendo Switch Version Doesn’t Include The Journey

We found out some more information about the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 last night and some fans were left slightly disappointed to find out that the extensive The Journey mode had been left out on Nintendo’s current console. Eurogamer caught up with producer Andrei Lazaresco to find out why this all-important mode is missing from the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Lazaresco explained that The Journey mode uses the Frostbite engine and the Nintendo Switch version isn’t running on that engine but instead uses a custom-built one.

“The Journey is powered by Frostbite. When we looked at the platform and its unique features, we made the choice of custom-building the game.”

“It’s not that you can’t get Frostbite on it. It’s just that we felt this custom-built engine would build the better experience.”

“I would definitely not get hung up on the fact it doesn’t have The Journey,” Lazaresco said. “I would take this as a completely different FIFA experience on a completely different platform.”

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21 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Producer Explains Why Nintendo Switch Version Doesn’t Include The Journey”

  1. “It’s not that you can’t get Frostbite on it. It’s just that we felt this custom-built engine would build the better experience.”

    Hahahahahahahaha! EA REALLY doesn’t get the market.

  2. I think that regardless,casuals will still buy the game as long as they play as their favorite teams. They don’t think about those kind of features anyways.

  3. All in all, this is not as bad as their outing on the Wii U. Eventually, if the sales are good, we might see some better AAA content from them… Albeit watered down versions

  4. So they made a custom Engine and managed to get the guts and brains of the game to run with it, but the journey mode, which is not a technical thing at all, only works with Frostbite?! That’s ridiculous!

    1. What makes you assume it’s not a technical thing? It may be using the engine to generate the cutscenes which is totally technical and would be very hard to port to a new engine.

      1. You do not have to build the engine around the content, but the content around the engine! If the cutscenes use captured motions in a special format that only the Frostbite engine is designed to render, then you either convert all animations into a different format or you pre-render the cutscenes. Problem solved! It doesn’t matter what special feature of the Frostbite engine the Journey mode uses, they could still have ported the mode to the Switch easily. Some things might not have looked as nice, but the content would have been there.

  5. Translation: “We are lazy af but want to make as much money as possible, so here’s a shitty port with less features, buy it please”

    1. Developers are not lazy. It is not always up to them what they can use and when they can use and what platform to use it on. Publisher for the most part make that decision. It is only missing a feature which is the Journey.

  6. I don’t like sports games anyway so this doesn’t bother me. What does is if they base their support on this game. If it sales bad, Nintendo gamers aren’t interested in third party games and pull out completely.

  7. I’m relatively impressed with what’s included. Haven’t bought a sports game in forever, but they might get my voting dollar for this one.I’m hopeful that support will extend into 2018 and beyond. There is no reason that franchises can’t eventually look amazing on the Switch, once devs have time to master the optimization. We never really saw what AAAs could achieve on the Wii U, as they jumped ship shortly after launch.

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