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WWE 2K18 Listed For Nintendo Switch By Austrian Retailer

It looks as though another high-profile sports title may come to the Nintendo Switch. WWE 2K18 has been listed for Nintendo’s latest platform by an Austrian retailer. A Reddit member has commented on the listing stating that the retailer in question is usually correct with their listings. So hey, it sounds as though it is happening. I guess we shall find out for sure this week during E3 which is currently taking place in Los Angeles.


Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the tip!


  1. I can see it happening. As far as my take on 3rd party goes. Sure most are on the edge, but EA is the only one who, off the top of my head, has announced a game and make it a little less than other versions. Im getting 2kNBA since we have a limited edition from them and the Lego game limited edition as well.
    How good they will stack up on release I don’t know. But same day release date and all content is what I have been wanting and it seems we are getting it from some companies thankfully.

  2. Please. WWE games started on Nintendo, so please bring it back home. I really hope Undertaker is the cover star, he is my favourite Wrestler and because 27 years of loyalty and the man deserves one last Video Game cover, or at least a mode dedicated to him.

  3. Better have some exclusive Nintendo content or I’ll just get it on my PS4…

      1. If it doesn’t have exclusive Nintendo content, I’m gonna be getting it on my PS4. I don’t see how that’s me complaining by merely asking for a reason to get said game on Switch instead of on the stronger home console that is PS4.

  4. Awesome news! Once upon a time, WWE games were my favorite multi-player games (alongside Mario Party). However, I only buy the PS3 WWE games now due to the custom soundtracks. The stupid PS4 doesn’t have custom soundtrack capability. I always wondered why the PS4 got downgraded. And needless to say, Nintendo’s consoles NEVER have custom soundtrack capabilities (probably my biggest gripe with Nintendo’s consoles). I got so spoiled to custom soundtracks that I don’t even like playing WWE games unless they have custom soundtracks.

    1. There were actually two games on Wii called “Endless Ocean” and “Excite Track” that had the ability to play custom soundtracks.

      1. I know. But it’s still not the actual consoles that supported custom soundtracks. But that does make me wonder why no other games supported custom soundtracks through an SD card if it actually HAD that ability. For that matter, even the PS4 could probably have custom soundtrack support if it was able to work through a flash drive etc. If only game developers felt it was as important of feature as I do.

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