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Game Freak Designer Comments On The Switch’s Simplistic UI

The Switch’s UI has been a point of contention for some fans. While some have praised it for its clean design, others have criticised it for being overly simplistic and lacking key features. When asked about the console in an interview with Source Gaming, Game Freak’s Hitomi Ogawa gave his opinion. Speaking as a designer, Ogawa called the UI “very impressive”. Check out the full interview here.

What has your exposure been to the Nintendo Switch? Have you used it and what are your thoughts on it?

Hitomi Ogawa: I really like the home screen, the movement of each of the UI elements and the sound effects that play when you press each button. The UI, from a designer’s point of view, is very impressive.




    1. That’s the poison you choose to take as a early adopter. Luckily for me, my time for gaming has drastically depleted, so the switch is still great and I’m not even close to beating zelda

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      1. I’m with you. I could keep playing Zelda for the rest of the year. Yet, I already have MarioKart8 taking up some of my playtime, and ARMS and Splatoon coming any time now; I definitely don’t have a shortage of games!


    2. Buying a system just for one game is ok if you plan just to play this one game. I bought one for Zelda Botw, Arms, Splatoon 2 & Odyssey in year one alone. Also I think some more indies and announcements are at least interesting enough to check them out for me. I also really like the system and were interested in a much quicker, faster and portable MK8 setup. Wii U loading time and setup took so long I rarely played on the console in the past. Switch revived this game for me as well.


    3. You’re not interested in ANY of the games available or available in less than 2 months? I can’t believe that none of the indi games like Blaster Master Zero, Shantae, Snake Pass, Kamiko, FAST RMX, Shovel Knight or Wonder Boy have caught your interest, or other Nintendo titles like MK8 Deluxe, Snipper Clips, Splatoon or ARMS. No third party games? Skyrim? Bomberman R? Disgaea? None of many, many SNK classic arcade titles? That just seems unbelevable to me, even the most hardcore Nintendo fanboy could find a title among these games that they would enjoy besides Mario and Zelda.

      I mean, your tastes are your tastes, I’m not knocking you for liking what you like, but that’s a LOT of really good games you’re passing up on, and the vast majority of the ones I mentioned are REALLY easy on your wallet. Almost all under $20 and don’t take up much of your internal memory either.

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    1. Well no, the lesson is if you’re buying a console for one or two major games, then you’re buying it for one or two major games. Don’t expect that which hasn’t been promised. And certainly don’t buy a console on the basis of a game (for example Zelda Wii U in 2014) which is clearly a loooong way down the line, buy it for what’s coming now or what’s coming soon.

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    2. This is nonsensical. Because Nintendo’s least succesful home console had that problem, therefore it’s a lesson about how they’ll fair for the rest of time?

      If I took that attitude I wouldn’t play videogames at all. All 3 major console makers have had duds. On average though, Nintendo is considerably *above* average in terms of quantity of enticing exclusive titles.

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    3. idk, I have mine since launch(both the Wii U and Switch) and I can say that the switch has done it for me pretty well

      Zelda is amazing, have been having fun with Puyo Puyo Tetris and USF2. Shantae just came out and im having a blast with it

      if you didn’t enjoy you experience, it is your loss, cuz Im enjoying it

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  1. That’s your opinion, and I respect that.

    Personally, I don’t agree with it because it isn’t just about the Wii U, but the business decisions the company has made over the last two console cycles.

    The point was that there was no reason in buying a Wii U because they ported the game to Switch, I felt like I had to justify the existence of my paid for Wii U. Which in reality is ok, I’m not saying the Wii U is terrible System, it just wasn’t fully fleshed out and supported.

    My lesson, was to wait and be 100% sure about what I was buying and not act in haste. I’m not worried about long run for Nintendo because I haven’t agreed with they’re direction so that’s up to the individual to decide.

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  2. Ok people if bought the System why are you now hating it? Because there aren’t games. Oh wow. No games. The Switch came out only 3 month ago and people are raging because there are no games when he have some amazing indies and great title like Zelda, MK, Splatoon 2, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania, Mario Odyssey, Arms and other stuff when Nintendo will show at E3 and you all still saying Nintendo Switch is a bad console?


  3. I’ve had more fun with my Switch, than any console in recent memory. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with one particular console since maybe the Dreamcast. I missed out on a bunch of the indi titles, and this console gave me a perfect opportunity to dive into a bunch of them. Plus, some other gems like Fast RMX and MK8D (and yes, I had MK8 on Wii U) and all the super awesome and super cheap SNK Arcade titles, I’ve NEVER been bored with my Switch. It’s fantastic.

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