Nintendo Switch

Bethesda Says It’s “Really Special For Us To Finally Work With Nintendo”

Bethesda has put out a new trailer for Skyrim’s Switch port, but the company had something to say about Nintendo as a whole on their official Twitter page. Bethesda says that it’s “really special for us to finally work with Nintendo”. They also expressed their love for the Nintendo Switch, and of course, Skyrim. Nintendo of America’s Twitter acknowledged the remarks with a retweet, so the love didn’t go unnoticed. The tweet is down below, so feel free to check it out.




    1. Yes it does! And maybe just a sprinkle of extra thanks to amiibo support. Needless to say I’m sure this will wind up being a day one buy for me.

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      1. Skyrim is just one game, though. I’m pretty sure he meant other games besides just Skyrim.


      2. One game, that is a port of a 5 year old game, you dingus!
        I can bet you the next triple A multiplatform game they do reveal, does not have Switch version on the works.


      3. For the Switch’s sake, I hope you are wrong. (Not for my sake, though, as I can just get it on PS4 if it interests me.)


      4. I hope so too. If you could have any multiplat game on Switch, portability of the device would make it so much worth it.


  1. I might just have to get this game on Switch if the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Champion’s Tunic, & Hylian Trousers don’t become inferior. Of course, I won’t use the headgear of that set since the hair looks like shit, so hopefully I can find a helmet that goes along nicely with it.


    1. I would think that the hair is just that charactermodel’s hair. So as long as you style your character differently you shouldn’t have a problem. Would be strange if the helmet would just be … a wig :P


    2. It’s stupid to play that game with Zelda costumes. Zelda is completely off with that settings, they included it just to give a bait to stupid people.

      Though the game it’s really good.


      1. True. I guess I’m just trying to find a reason to play my Switch for more than just Zelda & Mario this year.

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  2. It is so special working with someone when he is doing great financially….
    Hey, loved all of those special Bethesda games on the Wii U btw, xoxo

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  3. Kinda wish they would have implemented Bayonetta Amiibo as well. It’s Skyrim after all so a Bayonetta costume (if you’re female) or Masked Lumen costume (if you’re male) would have worked perfectly on Skyrim Switch version.


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