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Here’s The Trailer For Skyrim On Nintendo Switch, amiibo Support Confirmed

Even Bethesda’s E3 conference had big Nintendo news. This time, Bethesda shared a trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Motion controls will be available in the game, but the biggest surprise was amiibo support. The amiibo support was shown off by unlocking a Link skin from a Breath Of The Wild amiibo. You even get the Master Sword. We don’t know what other amiibo will be available for use in the game at this time, but we do know that all the DLC will be included in this version, which is still slated to arrive this fall. If you want to see the trailer for yourself, it is below.

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    1. At least it looks good enough to not really think about it anymore. Back when I played it on my Mac I was quite blown away from that game when it was new. Now that it’s aged it’s just nice to see it getting some revamp love. But in the end it remains the same game with the same architecture, animations and controls anyways. I’m very curious about the motion controls added here though. I really hope they don’t overdo it. Only aiming with gyroscope would already be enough, doesn’t need to be a Wii Sports-Elder Scrolls Edition.


      1. Yeah! If its not exactly the same graphics its so close it won’t be noticeable unless viewed side by side. But with all the Switch exclusive features i think this could turn out to be the definitive version!


  1. Not interested in using motion controls, but it’s so refreshing to see real effort actually being put into a Switch port! Take note, Ubisoft and EA.

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    1. 1. How much effort they’ve put into it remains to be seen when the game launches. Looks promising, but I’d wait a bit longer.
      2. EA has actually proved that they absolutely know how to do good ports. Most Wanted U was really a very good game. It might have only sold a few hundred copies but it was just solid. I also wouldnb’t say that Mass Effect 3 was bad. for a launchgame, it might have had some performance problems, but I didn’t notice them until reading from them, felt very good and they tried to make use of the gamepad.
      3. porting a .. what? 5 year old game might not be the biggest challenge, this industry has ever been facing.

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    1. If you never played it, den do it. It might feel aged in some parts (although maybe the remaster-elements can cover that) but ultimately it’s still very unique even among the newest games and you can get lost for hundreds of hours in this world. If you’re not THAT into it, you can still pick it up a few months later 2nd hand. But for me this game feels like a bit of videogame history, just like GTA or a new Mario-game.


    1. Yes, this was always the case with Skyrim. But 3rd person controls didn’t really feel so good back in the days. Maybe they’ve reworked it. In the end the game is supposed to be played in 1st person mode. But 3rd person is sometimes cool for some nice pictures.


  2. Damn it! I didn’t get an email alerting me to this article! Looks like I might have to look at my WordPress profile page for new articles instead of relying on yahoo.

    Anyway… *coughs* Wait. It’s just a skin!? So if I use it, I’m stuck with that shitty hair? I can’t put a helmet on over it!? … Well I was excited for this on Switch til now… (Got me hopes up for this on Switch for nothing.)


      1. If that’s the case and if that stuff doesn’t become inferior to better weapons later, I’ll gladly get it and will just have to find a nice helmet that I feel fits the rest of the Zelda stuff.


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