Nintendo Switch

Check Out These Retro Controllers By 8BitDo That Support Nintendo Switch

In amongst the excitement of Nintendo software reveals, a peripheral manufacturer, 8BitDo, have announced that they have new controllers that work with Nintendo Switch. You can check out the retro-inspired controllers below. They also have some awesome d-pad neon speakers too:






  1. The controllers they already had work with Switch too with a firmware update. I have the NES30 Pro. It’s an outstanding little thing. Really feels like the classic controllers with modern functionality. You can even get wireless adapters for your NES and SNES to make these work on them too.

    They don’t have motion control or amiibo support obviously, but they’re MILES ahead of the joycons for a lot of regular play. Instead of splitting my joycons with a friend for mario kart, I can use the NES30 Pro, and he can have both joycons.


      1. Yep, appreciate that but one controller is also a speaker (Bluetooth and aux). Unless I’m missing something obvious?!


  2. I just have one fucking question: where’s a Gamecube controller!? D:<

    Also… *narrows eyes at the last picture & tilts head* ….Zelda…..? Or is that from Blaster Master Zero & someone is just using a different character?


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