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Here’s The Sonic Forces E3 2017 Trailer

Sonic fans will no doubt be super exited for Sonic Forces which launches on the Nintendo Switch this Christmas. The game is a mix of new and old skool gameplay and even lets you create your own characters and breeze through the levels with unique abilities. SEGA has released the E3 trailer for Sonic Forces and it’s looking rather delicious. Check it out below!


  1. Is it me or does the new evil villain look like yet another freaking hedgehog (aka another Sonic clone?)

    1. Yeah, it kind of does look like another one. And I’m guessing this is a group of all non-Robotnik villains from past games? I haven’t played every Sonic game (only a few actually). All I know is Shadow would wreck all of them!

      1. Well Shadow is supposed to be the “most powerful character” in Sonic the Hedgehog canon, after all. (Unless it’s been retconned.)

        As for Robotnik, he’s similar to Bowser in that he’s not THE source of all evil of the franchise so he was probably excluded from this group. As for why Shadow is in the group, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up betraying the main villain at some point. He’s basically the wild card of the group. (I love wild cards! Speaking of, I wish Starscream wasn’t killed off in Transformers 3 so he could have been a wild card in a later movie like he’s been in the cartoons a few times.)

        1. Damn straight he is. I had the same thoughts about Shadow going against whoever this main villain is. Just hope they do him justice. As for Transformers, l have seen them, but very far apart from each other and only about once each. So l don’t remember too much about the continuity. I know Megatron is dead again haha.

          1. In Transformers 4, they brought Megatron back in his Galvatron incarnation near the end of the movie. (Transformers 5 seems to have a brand new villain, though, so Galvatron will NOT be the central villain.)

            1. Oh yeah. You’re right they did. I forgot about that. Optimus has gone rogue. I’m curious to see the plot with that. I’m sure he has a reason for it.

              1. From the looks of the trailers, he’s been brainwashed, or in the case of him being a machine, reprogrammed. lol

                1. Oh ok. I couldn’t hear it when I saw it, so I didn’t know what was going on. I just knew he was attacking his friends so something was up.

                  1. Trailers that show more scenes from the movie show this to be the case which is how I know.

                    1. There’s probably only 2 (teaser trailer & theatrical trailer) with certain clips from each being thrown together as TV spots.

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