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2D Metroid Samus Returns Coming To Nintendo 3DS In 2017

Nintendo has stayed true to its promise and has announced a previously unannounced title for the Nintendo 3DS, Metroid Samus Returns. No doubt this will keep Metroid fans tied over until Metroid Prime 4 releases on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Metroid Samus Returns comes to Nintendo 3DS on September 15th so not long to go! The game is also developed by the prestigious Mercury Stream and is a Metroid II Remake.



      1. ||You and others can keep deluding yourselves that the Microsoft Realm is the friend of anybody, Phil Spencer is a trapped unfortunate male working for one of the worst corrupt conpanies ever…||


      2. ||I’ll give you some credit like I do with Phil Spencer for not attacking me and commented civilized…||


      1. Trolling or not, I partly agree with him. A dual release for 3DS & Switch would have been great. In fact, I would have doubled dipped & got both versions (one for the glorious 3D effect & one for glorious HD quality!)


    1. Or this is coming so quickly because they took the work done on AM2R & gave it some polish & made it take advantage of the 3D effect on 3DS. @.@


    1. Why? Just get both versions: one for 3D & one for HD! It’s what I’d do as a huge Metroid fan…


      1. Yes they won (at least for me)… the best presentation live was of Ubisoft…Microsoft was ok i guess, but Sony’s? That was a borefest… people were all quiet, and not even God of War made them stand up and scream… they didn’t show anything of interest and even the Xbox’s backward compatability got more praise. I was expecting something mindblowing from Scorpio, but nothing… there were some announcements here and there but nothing worth praising.
        Nintendo just by saying they were working on a Switch Pokemon and the logo of Prime 4…and even showing the Return of Samus, the whole internet exploded.
        The only thing that excited me for a bit from Sony’s conference, was the remake of Shadow of the Colossus. I am gonna pass on God of War… Now for the Xbox One though… i might be interested in a few games they showed…
        This is my opinion on the whole E3 situation so don’t try to kill me :v


  1. Perfect! Oh thank god, I’ve been wanting this for so many years now. It’s been 13 years, my god! And I never even played Zero Mission, so it’s even been 15 for me.

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    1. Now if they will just reveal an HD release of it for Switch, too. I want a 3D effect & HD quality Metroid now!

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  2. No Switch version, too!? Awww! I’d totally buy both the 3DS AND Switch version!

    Paranoia time: I wonder if this game is coming so quickly not because they’ve been working on it for a couple of years but because they took the work done on AM2R & gave it some Nintendo polish. It wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if they hired the guys that worked on it to work on their 3DS version. Of course, they are well within their legal rights to take those guys’ work, use it for themselves, & not give those guys a single penny. (Of course, legal or not, it wouldn’t really help Nintendo’s image.) *shrug* Whatever, though, as this is just a theory… A GAME THEORY!!! xP


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