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Super Mario Odyssey Producer Talks About The Return Of Pauline

While most fans would think of Princess Peach as the women of the Mario series, Pauline has been alongside the plumber since 1981. While she debuted alongside Mario in the original Donkey Kong game, the brunette has made sparing appearances ever since. However, that looks to change in Super Mario Odyssey. While Peach is still the object of Mario’s desires, Pauline seems to have risen through politics to become the mayor of New Donk City. In his Reddit AMA, Yoshiaki Koizumi talked about the return of Pauline. Check out the full AMA here.

When we were deciding which Kingdoms to have in the game, we knew we wanted the city environment, and we wanted something that would have resonance with players. We knew that players know Pauline so we of course wanted to make her the mayor of New Donk City.

It’s important to note that thought they are called Kingdoms, they do not necessarily have royalty, and that’s why she’s the mayor.




  1. I want her to be a recurring character like rosalina and browser jr but knowing they changed her proportions I doubt it. If anything the evil wedding planners will become the new koopalings… Speaking of which… Where are they?

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    1. If I don’t see Koopalings in this new main entry, I’m gonna be pissed. Sadly, we’re more likely to see that little baby clone of Bowser instead. :/


  2. Well, my inclination was correct. realizing that New Donk City was in the new Mario game and Miyamoto said himself that Pauline resided there, I hypothesized that Pauline would also appear in the game. How exciting!

    I can’t wait to see how she is involved in the story!


  3. Welcome back, Pauline. Let’s hope the Koopalings are in the game, too! If not, fuck whoever said no to the Koopalings if someone in the development team voiced wanting them in the game.


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